Censorship Links



Australian Anti-Censorship Sites

Media Censorship in Australia: Film, TV, print, games, and internet media censorship news.

The Chopping List: Details of films that have been cut or banned.

Australia Movie And TV Censorship: YouTube channel that documents the cuts made to films on Australian TV.

Reason Party: The new name for the Australian Sex Party. Still fighting censorship and keeping religion out of politics. 

Eros: Lobby group for Australian adult industry.

Electronic Frontiers Australia: National organisation representing internet users concerned with on-line freedoms and rights.

Media Classification Research Project: An international comparative study.

Michael D's R4 DVD Info Page: R4 DVD reviews, with censorship details.

Libertus.net:  Archived @ Pandora - Australian censorship history.

Games Censorship Collection: The early days of games censorship in Australia.

Australian Internet Filtering Wiki: Internet censorship history and news.

nocensorshipaus: YouTube channel of videos documenting or related to the state of censorship in Australia.

Somebody Think of the Children!: Censorship blog, with a particular focus on internet filtering.

Internet Censorship and Civil Liberties in Australia: Danny Yee's site covers a variety of censorship issues.

Banned in Australia: Federal publications censorship from 1901 to 1973.

Banned: A blog that highlights banned books on display at the National Archives in Canberra.

Civil Liberties Australia: Monitoring the police, security forces, and the actions and inaction of politicians.

NSW Council of Civil Liberties: One of Australia’s leading human rights and civil liberties organisations.

Queensland Council for Civil Liberties: Organisation concerned with the protection of individual rights and civil liberties

Liberty Victoria: Working to defend and extend human rights and freedoms in Victoria.




Australian Censorship and Regulation Sites

The Classification Website: The Australian Government's home of censorship. Replaced the OFLC in July 2007.

South Australian Classification Council: An unnecessary layer of censorship from the most conservative State.

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA): Regulation of TV, radio, and online content.

Advertising Standards Bureau: Self-regulatory body for advertising complaints.

ARIA Labelling Code of Practice: Classification labels for music.

Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulation 4A: The law under which customs will take your films, games, and books.




Worldwide Censorship Sites

Melon Farmers: UK site covering worldwide censorship.

British Board of Film Classification: The UK censorship body.

Worldwide DVD Censorship Forum: Film censorship forums covering the BBFC and the MPAA.

DVD Compare: DVD and Blu-ray releases compared from around the world.

New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification: The New Zealand censorship body. The only OFLC that remains.

The Film Society of New Zealand: Includes a history of film censorship in New Zealand.

Movie-Censorship: Uncut vs. Cut versions of films compared.

Schnittberichte: Uncut vs. Cut versions of films compared. German language.

Censored Gaming: YouTube channel covering video game censorship.




Film Sites

John Reid Vintage Movie Memorabilia: The most comprehensive source of Original Movie Memorabilia in Australia

Pre-Certification Video: Video releases from around the world. Includes an Australian tape database and forum.

Australian Vintage Video: Facebook group dedicated to tape collecting.

Phantom of Pulp: Blog of Australian Director Mark Savage. See Enid Blyton and Guy N. Smith side-by-side.

Not Suitable for General Exhibition: Movie poster forum that sometimes covers early Australian film censorship.

Vintage Movie Posters Forum: Poster discussion that also includes Australian film distribution and censorship.

Accent Film Entertainment: Released IRREVERSIBLE, 9 SONGS, and A SERBIAN FILM to the Australian market.

Monster Pictures: Released THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2, and had HANGER and FATHER'S DAY banned.

Siren Visual Entertainment: Released CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST in Australia. Say no more!

Umbrella Entertainment: Released a number of previously banned titles on DVD such as FACES OF DEATH and MANIAC.