IARC Censorship #27 - November 2015





Crime Simulator 3D San Andreas

Publisher & Production Company: Aleksandrs Gulko
Banned: 4/11/2015
aka Police Vs Mafia 3D Crime Drive
aka Police vs Mafia 3D Crime Drive San Andreas

So, a police man Called Max who has a normal and happy life with his beloved wife Jenna in San Andreas district, along with their little princess Britney who spend all her day in the backyard, playing and jumping over the flowers, but the most terrifying day for Frank is about to happened when an unknown killer has assassinates his wife besides to his daughter, that was a stab in Frank’s heart and it turns him into a conniving and deceptive monster who eagers revenge and to accomplish his mission which become terminate and eliminate the killer who took his family’s life and the spirit of living.


Crime Simulator 3D San Andreas - Published by Aleksandrs Gulko





Zombie Dead World Of Horror

Publisher & Production Company: Magic Game World
Banned: 5/11/2015


Zombie Dead World Of Horror - Published by Magic Game World





Block 18 Plus

Publisher & Production Company: Carlo Macor
Banned: 7/11/2015

Same as Block 18 Plus (15/08)




ObamaNation Part One

Publisher & Production Company: Cultural Kordan DK S.A.
Banned: 7/11/2015

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.





Street War: Auto

Publisher & Production Company: Doha mobile
Banned: 9/11/2015
MA15+ (Strong Horror Themes): 9/11/2015
aka Street War

There are 30 missions that you must accomplish. You can control the cars, tanks, helicopters, automatic weapons. There are a lot of weapons that you can use in the game.


Street War: Auto - Published by Doha mobile





Lucky Machine

Publisher & Production Company: Micube
M (Simulated Gambling): 11/05/2015
Banned: 11/11/2015

Bet on the game were very classic: apples, oranges, papaya, bell, watermelon, star, 77, Bar, Luck. Refreshing and stimulating than the size of gameplay, so you passionately. The game has to open the train, Big Three, small triple, small Sixi, Grand Slam, and other special incentives challenge you! Join now send 100 gold, completely free of charge!


Lucky Machine - Published by Micube





JA091: 萌える弾幕シューティング!ぶたっぷ

Publisher & Production Company: oms.llc
Banned: 12/11/2015
Translation: Barrage shooting MoE! Pig boobs puffy nipples

Same as JA095: 萌える!弾幕シューティング!ぶたっぷ!

appannie.com (translation)
MOE voice with very cute Moe Moe character who presents stories! With barrage fill the screen with a high sense of excess secretion between the brain juice!


萌える弾幕シューティング!ぶたっぷ - Published by oms.llc





TH004: จอมยุทธฉางหลิว

Publisher & Production Company: vstar_game
Banned: 12/11/2015
Translation: Hero Liu Chang

play.google.com (translation)
Kill Devil defeat demons Town defender "Liu Chang Wong battle" is how Chiu such as fish and Society Association of the Treasure Masters, and make the players suffer life initiates a master hand!


จอมยุทธฉางหลิว - Published by vstar_game





Sexy Heroes

Publisher & Production Company: Suzaku Games
Banned: 12/11/2015

SEXY HEROES is the fusion of two most famous genres of games, Action Fantasy RPG and MOBA, giving birth to a new game with a unique, ever-challenging battle system! You won’t find a game this epic in other places!


Sexy Heroes - Published by Suzaku Games





Stay High

Publisher & Production Company: yey
Banned: 12/11/2015

Stay High is the one and only drug-themed tough-as-nails 2D infinite runner everyone has been waiting for. Become a master at the game by having fast reflexes, learning to recognize patterns, and being unshaken by the different effects thrown at you.


Stay High - Published by yey





Racing hero

Publisher & Production Company: Hali
Banned: 13/11/2015
aka Racing hero (3D speed car)

Racing hero’ is a racing game! This is a very trendy 3D racing game, accelerating, joyriding, make your opponents fall into hells. Do you wanna possess a BMW concept vehicle shown at the Car Exhibition, or a new Bugatti Veyron as your ultimate aircraft? Do you dream of owning a foreign 16 cylinder super-powered supercar and reaching a high speed at the finish line? You could enjoy the thrill of speed while playing this game including nearly all of the sports car!


Racing hero - Published by Hali





Thick Archer

Publisher & Production Company: Nickel Company
Banned: 15/11/2015

Thick archer - a game in the style of "tower defence" where you will play for the archer that would protect his wall. You can improve your skills and increase the number of arrows in the gold you get from killing monsters. In the game you are waiting for: -unique physics -3 Kinds of arrows -2 Unique abilities -Several bloodthirsty monsters and one thick archer


Thick Archer - Published by Nickel Company





Crime Runner Simulator

Publisher & Production Company: M.Nice Entertainment L.t.d
Banned: 15/11/2015

Same as Crime Runner Simulator (15/11)

Same as Crime Runner Simulator (15/12)





Bra Model Matching

Publisher & Production Company: FairyGame
Banned: 16/11/2015

Bra Model Matching is a very simple Game. You have to match the same type of Bra. Game starts with 5 levels, on each level total time will be decreased by 360 seconds. So, the game becomes more challenging on higher levels. If you are an expert of recognizing bra, then this game is for you. Most interesting part of the Bra Model Game is you must find the same bra icons that link together in some way, these brassieres are different in colors, shape and types. Many Bra and many model you need connect with them.


Bra Model Matching - Published by FairyGame





JA092: そらのおとしもの【公式音ゲー】

Publisher & Production Company: 株式会社ミックナイン
Banned: 17/11/2015
Translation: Sora no [official sound game]

mic9.co.jp (translation)
The eagerly-awaited game of has finally realized. Ltd. Mick Nine developed a sound game of the popular anime. "Sora no [official sound game]" will become the first sound game. To the tune of rhythm, if you tap the screen, that, memories of scenes revives in the palm of your hand!


そらのおとしもの【公式音ゲー】- Published by 株式会社ミックナイン





CH050: 鐵娘子

Publisher & Production Company: Pubgame遊戲酒吧
Banned: 18/11/2015
Translation: Iron Maiden

play.google.com (translation)
"Iron Lady" is a super adorable and sexy one hand swim meet. Subvert the traditional image of the three countries. choppy sexy Wu Ji, let you feel the taste instant operating strategy of confrontation.


鐵娘子 - Published by Pubgame遊戲酒吧





Princess Recovery Treatment

Publisher & Production Company: mGamey
Banned: 18/11/2015

Hi girls. Do you like doctor games? Now you can improve your medical skills and help a good person. In this new girl game you will meet a Princess who is very sad, because she suffered an accident and now she feels terrible. Could you help her feel better? Follow the instruction in game and use all medical instruments to treat princess as quickly as possible. First you need to check her heartbeat and make sure that is all right and then start treat the wounds. Help Princess to recover and treat her in the best possible mode! Finally princess will be very grateful about you! Enjoy this new princess doctor game and don't forget to leave us a review with your opinion.


Princess Recovery Treatment - Published by mGamey





Green Energy

Publisher & Production Company: EHC Development Team
Banned: 19/11/2015

Nama Energy is designed to increase the awareness on the importance of green energy and power conservation among people. Players will be trying to utilise the sustainable resources to generate the electricity in the house.


Green Energy - Published by EHC Development Team






Kill Balloons

Publisher & Production Company: Marcus Romanelli
Banned: 19/11/2015

Pop the balloons as fast as possible!


Kill Balloons - Published by Marcus Romanelli





JA093: あまたらすリドルスター

Publisher & Production Company: 萌えAPP
Banned: 20/11/2015
Translation: Amatarasu Riddle Star

play.google.com (translation)
This game is a romance adventure game.


あまたらすリドルスター - Published by 萌えAPP



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