IARC Censorship #26 - October/November 2015






JA086: 女性向け恋愛ゲーム 無料 人気

Publisher & Production Company: (C) SUNSOFT
Banned: 23/10/2015
Translation: Popular women's love game free

Latest title of the BL dating sim series "OrePri"! Being named the school "Princess" on my first day at a boys' school, all of a sudden I became super popular in the whole school!? With the newly added characters, 11 'ikemen' of different personalities are fighting over me...what the mess. Who will I choose?


 女性向け恋愛ゲーム 無料 人気 - Published by (C) SUNSOFT





Jahziel's Puzzle

Publisher & Production Company: Dell Agarpo
Banned: 23/10/2015

A Picture Puzzle App Of Jahziel For All Her Fans To Enjoy.


Jahziel's Puzzle - Published by Dell Agarpo





Roulette Island-Bikini Hotties

Publisher & Production Company: FunKingdom
Banned: 25/10/2015

Hey there good-looking! Wanna have some sexy fun? Then look no further as Roulette Island-Bikini Hotties is the game for you! Tons of hotties are waiting for you, don’t keep them waiting! An amazing game for all those who love warm sun, sand, bikini and gentle waves!


Roulette Island-Bikini Hotties - Published by FunKingdom





real real inapp billling

Publisher & Production Company: minuj
Banned: 25/10/2015

This is a test app from the publisher. No further information available.





CH047: 一騎當千

Publisher & Production Company: Zeng Sang
Banned: 26/10/2015
Translation: A ride when thousands
aka 騎三國之壹騎當千

play.google.com (translation)
Refreshing beads in turn eliminate, enjoy eliminate the invading enemy, enjoy the game.


一騎當千 - Published by Zeng Sang





JA087: [777TOWN]シンデレラブレイド2

Publisher & Production Company: Sammy Networks Co.,Ltd.
Banned: 27/10/2015
Translation: [777 TOWN] Cinderella Blade 2

play.google.com (translation)
Introducing to the world the successor model of the "Cinderella Blade" and "777TOWN for Android"!
The development and step up gauge during the "Fighter Group" becomes MAX "sister selection battle." If blue 7 is aligned at the time of victory and rush to the "ass hunt"!


 [777TOWN]シンデレラブレイド2 - Published by Sammy Networks Co.,Ltd.





World Of Sin game-beta

Publisher & Production Company: zhouse
Banned: 28/10/2015

Buy and sell weapons and drugs. Earn on girls and buildings. Check what is going out in this world full of crime. You starting with 2000$ and Your goal is to traveling from city to city serching for best prices for Your stuf. But watchout, cops are looking for You. There is 20% chances to go to jail. But this is not all. If You give some bribe to characters, they will help You.


World Of Sin game-beta - Published by zhouse





Grand Vigilant Assassin 2

Publisher & Production Company: Creal Studios
Banned: 28/10/2015

Most addictive third person shooting game. Play as Dante to go around the city and bring about destruction. You are a Grand Vigilante. Your enemies fear you and they are constantly looking out for ways to kill you. Take up the challenge and battle in explosive scenarios against enemies that shoot first and ask questions later. In this thrilling game, you are Dante, and you have the license to do anything you want. You will have to Take Down those mafias, criminals, thieves, and destroy anyone and anything to fulfill his dream. Shoot at anything you want. Ride army or police vehicles like tanks, helicopters, fighter jet and a whole lot of other fun and crazy things.


Grand Vigilant Assassin 2 - Published by Creal Studios





JA088: パチスロ 鉄のラインバレル

Publisher & Production Company: 株式会社ドラス
Banned: 28/10/2015
Translation: Linebarrels of iron slot

play.google.com (translation)
Elements to enjoy the "Linebarrels of Iron". Multiple winning occurs because performing a lottery for each opportunity Small Win!


パチスロ 鉄のラインバレル - Published by 株式会社ドラス






Publisher & Production Company: 株式会社ドラス
Banned: 28/10/2015
Translation: Pachislot High School of the Dead

play.google.com (translation)
"Gakuen Apocalypse HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD" is a pachislot machine.


パチスロ HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD - Published by 株式会社ドラス





JA090: BL 女性向け恋愛ゲーム

Publisher & Production Company: (C) SUNSOFT
Banned: 28/10/2015
Translation: BL girls love games

play.google.com (translation)
"Ikemen" mafia members and me, the "mafia prince". Will it be my life, or my heart that's taken? You can choose to be the "seme" or "uke" of your own choice! Who will be your target among these 10 handsome guys of different types? You receive 5 free tickets to proceed with the story daily, and can reach the endings without paying.


BL 女性向け恋愛ゲーム - Published by (C) SUNSOFT





CH048: 女僕心機

Publisher & Production Company: Pubgame
Banned: 29/10/2015
Translation: Maid effort

Same as CH049: 女僕心機

play.google.com (translation)
"Maid effort" has eight kinds of situations interactive mode, so you and the maids Master feelings large warming! Random maid carefully machine made ambiguous dialogue, sir guess if the maid thought, can greatly increase the maid goodwill, let the maid gradually fall in love with you!


女僕心機 - Published by Pubgame





SP001: Burlaos Baila

Publisher & Production Company: Baks
Banned: 29/10/2015
Translation: Mock you dance

play.google.com (translation)
Josemi is inimitable, but while practicing their dances can be entertained watching them dance in this fun game. Click on objects that are falling at the right time to increase your points and be able to continue seeing their dances mythical. The police are after you! Avoid the stars of police not to end the game. How many points can you score dancing? Get the highest score and do all to see in the table of records!


Burlaos Baila - Published by Baks 





CH049: 女僕心機

Publisher & Production Company: Pubgame
Banned: 30/10/2015

Same as CH048: 女僕心機





Sexy Roulette-Lingerie Babes

Publisher & Production Company: FunKingdom
Banned: 2/11/2015

Now you can experience the fun and excitement by playing Sexy Roulette-Lingerie Babes in the amazing sexy theme makes this game very enjoyable and relaxing on your android smart phones. Player spins the lucky wheel and a ball will be running in opposite direction around the circumference of the wheel.


Sexy Roulette-Lingerie Babes - Published by FunKingdom  





Erotic Yatzy - Sexy Babes

Publisher & Production Company: Garfal Tan
Banned: 2/11/2015

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.






Publisher & Production Company: PLAY MOBILE
Banned: 2/11/2015

App for insurance company Uzbekinvest.





Crime Runner Simulator

Publisher & Production Company: M.Nice Entertainment L.t.d
Banned: 3/11/2015

Same as Crime Runner Simulator (15/11)

Same as Crime Runner Simulator (15/12)

Good Runner Lady Crime Runner Simulator In Game. the game has an aw some look... and very great game play. the lady is kidnapped in the palace..... she needs to run out of it....... ugly Dragon is beside her..... Save her life.....


Crime Runner Simulator - Published by M.Nice Entertainment L.t.d





Pot Man + (no ads)

Publisher & Production Company: Shockapp
M (Drug Reference, Mature Themes): 29/08/2015 (Free version)
Banned: 3/11/2015

Have you ever played totally stoned running arcade games? If yes, you will sure love the never ending arcade running game Pot Man. It’s easy and funny and above all the running frenzy of the Pot Man will offer a stimulating dynamics for all its players….an extra advantage indeed!! The game play of Pot Man is simple and super high, but mastering the control on Pot Man’s movement is challenging…you will sure love to take the test!!! Pot Man is being chased by police and he has to eat lot many weed to gain his super score. You need to help him to eat all the leaves. Once finished grabbing leaves and pink candies, Pot Man turns sturdy and now the chasing polices are turned into yummy hamburger. Pot Man can swallow them and get extra score.


Pot Man + (no ads) - Published by Shockapp





Weed Hero!

Publisher & Production Company: Honest Indie Video Games
Banned: 4/11/2015

Hey kids! Addicted to weed? Weed Hero’s got your fix! Experience the thrilling life of a worthless stoner. Key features: -Bum weed off of unsuspecting hippies! -Run away from po po! -Solve all your problems by smoking joints! -Grab as much weed as you can before being murdered! -Get high! (scores) -Slaughter your enemies with the scientifically supported power of secondhand smoke! -Fully integrated intrusive ads! You finally made it to the greatest concert of all time, but you have a HUGE problem...


Weed Hero! - Published by Honest Indie Video Games



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