IARC Censorship #25 - October 2015






Shroomy Takes A Trip

Publisher & Production Company: Trippz
Banned: 9/10/2015

The further you go, the harder it becomes! Travel through a magic village of pipes in a more colorful and imaginative world! Lots of flashing and rapidly changing images, pure eye candy. Works better on high performance devices, although it does work on every device I have tried. Due to flashing images, and massive visual distortions, please use with care. Very TRIPPY!


Shroomy Takes A Trip - Published by Trippz





JA083: ゆるかみ!

Publisher & Production Company: (株)enish
Banned: 9/10/2015
Translation: Yurukami!

play.google.com (translation)
The stage is all over the country of Japan, characters that derived from the specialties. Small God dwells on local products and attractions of Japan! Still half - baked of God, looks cute girl. In fellow, fighting together


ゆるかみ!-  Published by (株)enish





Arjuna Toolkit

Publisher & Production Company: Smackall Games Pvt Ltd
Banned: 10/10/2015

The interactive games you are about to experience are designed as a supplement to the book "Leadership Dharma, Arjuna the timeless metaphor". You start with the "quick & easy" walk through and then the "coaching” options become available to you. Going through the "quick & easy" walk through will help you reflect and gain insights into your self. At the end of having played the games you can choose to engage in a coaching conversation with a TAO Certified Consultant. You have the option of completing the Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) at this point. You will get a profile and a well designed feedback that will further enhance you understanding of your propensities and your behaviour.


Arjuna Toolkit - Published by Smackall Games Pvt Ltd





Thunder fighter 2015

Publisher & Production Company: Hali
Banned: 15/10/2015

This is a new flight shooting games, powerful Thunder fighters, magnificent battle scenes, endless gold coins, let your fighters become rich handsome; strong wingman will help you pass mission; colorful map, make you never be bored; Passionate music, make you find the rhythm of battle. Professional design for flight shooting games, magnificent battle scenes, powerful fire, flexible operation, make you unable to stop! all for free!


Thunder fighter 2015 - Published by Hali





Izolda-Ninja Girl

Publisher & Production Company: PhunArts
Banned: 15/10/2015

Same as Izolda-Ninja Girl (15/05)





JA084: ちょっとHなナナコバトル

Publisher & Production Company: rukusu
Banned: 15/10/2015
Translation: Little H of Nanakobatoru

play.google.com (translation)
It is a game in which a girl of clothes of fabric gradually becomes less.


ちょっとHなナナコバトル - Published by rukusu





Heroes Landing

Publisher & Production Company: Xuan Hu
Banned: 16/10/2015
M (Violence): 22/10/2015

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.





Return of Red (Riding) Hood

Publisher & Production Company: NLB project
Banned: 17/10/2015
M (Violence): 17/10/2015

Did You ever think how the fate of the characters would turn out, if not Red Riding Hood, but her mother would go to grandmother? Or if Red Riding Hood would swerve off the path? Or if her mother would bake pasties with another filling? In our game any detail can change everything! The tale of Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault takes less than one page. Our game is much more spacious: it has nonlinear plot and a large amount of endings. Here you will find thriller, comedy and even melodrama with extraordinary variations of story line. Make Your choice and create new story about Red Riding Hood.


Return of Red (Riding) Hood - Published by NLB project





VN021: Thích Khách

Publisher & Production Company: M Tran
Banned: 18/10/2015
Translation: Assassin

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.






Yatzy Island-Bikini Babies

Publisher & Production Company: FunKingdom
Banned: 18/10/2015

Do You Love Vegas? Love summer and beach with warm waves? Are you looking for the best free yatzy game with hot and sexy bikini girls? Yatzy Island-Bikini Babies special for you and for your eyes only, a sexy girls experience that totally free!


Yatzy Island-Bikini Babies - Published by FunKingdom






Bikini Girls Fight Club 3D

Publisher & Production Company: TamilSeven
Banned: 18/10/2015

Bikini Girls Fight Club 3D is an epic game of free fight girls fighting in bikinis in the best beaches in the world, playing the world of women's wrestling or if you prefer can depute in his quick fight mode, ye dispute a fight training, fight against 12 amazing girls and feel the power in your fists, performs amazing special attacks, improve your fighter and skills. Enjoy an incredible fight simulator designed for lovers of mma, wrestling, wrestling, kung fu, karate, muay thai, boxing, and other disciplines used in street fights.


Bikini Girls Fight Club 3D - Published by TamilSeven







Publisher & Production Company: Liveapps
Banned: 20/10/2015

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.






Sexy Yatzy-Lingerie Babes

Publisher & Production Company: FunKingdom
Banned: 20/10/2015

Sexy Yatzy - Lingerie Babes is a fun and addictive dice game /classic board game. The best casino experience with the horny lingerie hotties theme makes this game very enjoyable and relaxing.


Sexy Yatzy-Lingerie Babes - Published by FunKingdom






TH003: รอยขีดข่วนความงาม

Publisher & Production Company: bao chaoqing
Banned: 21/10/2015
Translation: Scratch Beauty

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.






Robopop Trek 2

Publisher & Production Company: Robopop LLC
Banned: 21/10/2015

Collect Batteries and Achievements while you dodge obstacles to earn new characters and open up different levels of play. Robopop Trek has a Capital level, Underwater level, and Spaceship level. Each level has unique obstacles and difficulties to keep you entertained for hours of play.


Robopop Trek 2 - Published by Robopop LLC






Brazilian Lifestyle Crush

Publisher & Production Company: Rogério Marlus Pereira
Banned: 21/10/2015

Classic match 3 game with tematic Brazilian Lifestyle Crush.


Brazilian Lifestyle Crush - Published by Rogério Marlus Pereira






JA085: 海空のフラグメンツ

Publisher & Production Company: 萌えAPP
Banned: 22/10/2015
Translation: Fragments of the air-sea

play.google.com (translation)
This game is a romance adventure game.


海空のフラグメンツ - Published by 萌えAPP






Emperor - อหังการจอมราชันย์

Publisher & Production Company: HAYO TECH
G (General): 20/10/2015
Banned: 22/10/2015

play.google.com (translation)
A new phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming with war time. MMORPG game in 3D graphics quality.


Emperor - อหังการจอมราชันย์ - Published by HAYO TECH






Tattoo Maker

Publisher & Production Company: WSAD - WE SAID AND DID
Banned: 22/10/2015
M (Suggestive Themes): 23/10/2015

Welcome to the game of awesome tattoo making. Are you hip and cool with an edgy artistic sense? If you are, this is the game for you. You have to maintain your swag and inking is a great way to do that. Ink the bodies of gorgeous ladies and share your art with your friends. In Tattoo Maker you can express your unique personality through body art. So it is not just a tattoo generator. Shock the world with artistic expression of your true inner self. Ink it and show how edgy, unique and different you are!


Tattoo Maker - Published by WSAD - WE SAID AND DID






Puzzle Hex

Publisher & Production Company: Hsiangren
Banned: 23/10/2015
aka Hexagon

Just select the hexagonal bricks of different colors, the neighboring region of hexagonal bricks together will flip all the bricks to how quickly flipped to become gray, test your endurance and wisdom. Just play it! Test and train your brain to solve the puzzles. It's very hard to completed.


Puzzle Hex - Published by Hsiangren



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