IARC Censorship #15 - July 2015





Heroin Hero

Publisher & Production Company: Astapova
Banned: 4/07/2015

The ultimate game about drug abuse is now on Android!
Chase the retarded dragon as much as you want while stabbing yourself with your next fix of delicious heroin! Catch the dragon!


Heroin Hero - Published by Astapova





BU001: Нажималка

Publisher & Production Company: GameSabay
Banned: 4/07/2015
Translation: Nazhimalka

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.





vr editor full

Publisher & Production Company: martin wood
Banned: 5/07/2015

paid version of my virtual reality editor currently supporting the fibrum sdk allowing gyroscope control for phones that do not have a gyroscope movement is by bluetooth gamepad or similar device.
Now you can build a virtual reality world directly on your phone then just slip your phone into your google cardboard and enjoy using the multilevel runtime editor additional models in this version please try the free version first.


vr editor full - Published by martin wood





Classroom Kiss

Publisher & Production Company: world sniper
Banned: 5/07/2015

The boys and girls are a pair of lovers, and now they're in class, but they want to kiss.
Can you help them kiss when teachers and students not to be found in it? Come and try it.


Classroom Kiss - Published by world sniper





TU002: Hava Saldırısı

Publisher & Production Company: DBGstudios
Banned: 5/07/2015
Translation: Aerial attack

play.google.com (translation)
You have the power of the old and new, feel the Aircraft consisting of 3 different new levels. Updates will be with you for different planes and  different battlefields, stay tuned.


Hava Saldırısı - Published by DBGstudios






Publisher & Production Company: True Digital Plus Co.,Ltd. (TH)
Banned: 6/07/2015
aka Reverse World - 5th Element

play.google.com (translation)
Reverse World - 5th Element Action RPG game play with variety. PVP, PK, Boss hunting, forging items, and character development with a variety of weapons and outfits. These parenting daemon companion with magic abilities and hundreds of different kinds. The character was created that is unique in your own way. Highlights of the game 1. Action Extreme 2. Find an item and various daemons than 100 species. 3. Create a variety of elements in play. 4. The game system complete with all the content, quests, partying, Guild, PVP, PK, Chat, upgrade items. 5. activities to do within the game. Daily prizes.


ReverseWorld - Published by True Digital Plus Co.,Ltd. (TH)





Cartoon Tarrfic Racer

Publisher & Production Company: Lambda Sports
Banned: 6/07/2015
aka Cartoon Traffic Racer

Cartoon Traffic Racer is a exciting and thrilling sports car racing simulator game. Become the racing driver of some of the fastest cars on the Cartoon Traffic Racer environment in a collection of racing game modes and avoid the collision with Cartoons trucks in Cartoon City.
This amazingly realistic Cartoon Traffic Racer 3D driving action adventure simulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing Cartoon City environments.
Be careful, Cartoon Traffic Racer drive safely and hit accelerator with perfect timing, as one wrong move and you could end up boom, crashing your Cartoon World's cars to trash or end up falling down from the low and open points of the highway like a jet.


Cartoon Tarrfic Racer - Published by Lambda Sports





Roulette Royale!Lingerie Girls

Publisher & Production Company: GameKingdom LWL
Banned: 6/07/2015

Best Roulette Games in Android
Play the Roulette
Royale!Lingerie Girls whenever you go, a sexy lingerie girls experience that totally free!


Roulette Royale!Lingerie Girls - Published by GameKingdom LWL





CH025: 瑪德之怒

Publisher & Production Company: Unalis corporation.
Banned: 6/07/2015
Translation: Wrath of the madezhi
aka Fight Together
You Tube

play.google.com (translation)
"Madeleine Fury" stand and anger! ...action to vent anger.


瑪德之怒 - Published by Unalis corporation.





JA055: RPG ディスワールド

Publisher & Production Company: 株式会社TIAM
Banned: 6/07/2015
Translation: RPG Discover the World
aka Diss World

Same as JA057: RPG ディスワールド

diss-world.com (translation)
Genre: Dark Fantasy RPG
RPG with a popular voice actor full voice, luxury anime + training game element!


RPG ディスワールド - Published by 株式会社TIAM





VN012: La bàn - Compas

Publisher & Production Company: App Android Free
Banned: 7/07/2015
G (Online Interactivity): 9/07/2015
Translation: Compass - Compas

Same as VN013: La bàn - Compas

Your machine must have a compass sensor to use this application.
Application Compass is a simple compass gold, with high-definition and high-quality graphics.
Application compass, digital compass to help you determine the direction quickly and precisely.
The application helps you determine the direction consistent with feng shui, help construction, office layout, and layout the most harmonious way.


La bàn - Compas - Published by App Android Free





VN013: La bàn - Compas

Publisher & Production Company: App Android Free
Banned: 7/07/2015
G (Online Interactivity): 9/07/2015

Same as VN012: La bàn - Compas





CH026: 戰姬天下

Publisher & Production Company: Happy Elements Holdings Limted
Banned: 7/07/2015
Translation: Ji world war

play.google.com (translation)
Designed by renowned Japanese artist, led by ace producer making "war Kyi world" definitely gives you a different gaming experience.
"Ji war world" with the three kinds of style you feel the story, how do you see the lord led thousands of Americans to build your own empire Miki.
Three generals full of beauty, you are the savior for coming troubled times! 


戰姬天下 - Published by Happy Elements Holdings Limted





Dream Fighters

Publisher & Production Company: Keaihudong Entertainment Co,.Ltd
Banned: 8/07/2015

Super Cute CCG "Dream Fighters" now comes with mighty Cute art style, splendid battle scenario and the original plot of RPG of the KOF, make Legend of Fighters an innovative game. Come and collect all of your favorite Heroes! Train and upgrade them!


Dream Fighters - Published by Keaihudong Entertainment Co,.Ltd





Bomb Censored

Publisher & Production Company: PlayFTW
Banned: 8/07/2015

Modern war game Bomb enemy city, avoid civilians don't cause global outrage.
PlayFTW will not be held responsible for any cognitive or social dissonance arising from playing this game


Bomb Censored - Published by PlayFTW





RU003: Квест на выживание.Беги,Джонни

Publisher & Production Company: forTablet.28
Banned: 9/07/2015
Translation: Quest for survival. Begi, Johnny

You wake up in the basement. You, the running man, white rabbit.
You have to kill or be killed. Arrange the show survive, escape. All in your hands


Квест на выживание.Беги,Джонни - Published by forTablet.28





JA056: 【究極タップゲー】タップラッシュ【生着替え中!】

Publisher & Production Company: みんなのスタンプマーケット制作委員会
Banned: 9/07/2015
Translation: [Ultimate top GA] tap rush [change clothes in! 】


【究極タップゲー】タップラッシュ【生着替え中!】- Published by みんなのスタンプマーケット制作委員会





VN010: Nộ chiến thần

Publisher & Production Company: Total Digital Plus Co. Ltd.
Banned: 9/07/2015
G (General): 16/07/2015
Translation: War raging god
aka Nộ Chiến Thần - Reverse World
aka Reverse World - Nộ Chiến Thần

Same as Reverse World-Nộ Chiến Thần

play.google.com (translation)
Operation Divine Wrath - Reverse World - Game action fighting famous peak on an Asia-wide smartphone now available in Vietnam!
When cracks appear time, the world has been invaded and devastated by the monsters everywhere frantic and wild creatures mutated. Players have the opportunity to transform into the legendary heroes with 3 character classes: Warrior, Assassin, Sorcerer to engage in fierce battle, conquer, battling monsters, reverse results of war, restore peace to mankind.


Nộ chiến thần - Published by Total Digital Plus Co. Ltd.





CH027: 戰姬收藏の相信愛

Publisher & Production Company: Li Yu
Banned: 10/07/2015
Translation: Ji battle Favorites believe in love

sensortower.com (translation)
WWII Tank Mother strategy card mobile game.
Games from famous World War II battles for well-known story of European background. Look at these adorable sisters sway with passion in the war, we relive those classic battles you also have the urge to experience.


戰姬收藏の相信愛 - Published by Li Yu





JA057: RPG ディスワールド

Publisher & Production Company: 株式会社TIAM
Banned: 10/07/2015
Translation: This RPG world

Same as JA055: RPG ディスワールド



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