IARC Censorship #14 - June/July 2015





Stickman Crime in Kitchen

Publisher & Production Company: Nick Unity
Banned: 26/06/2015

It's a challenge kitchen war game. There are 5 stickmen are all busy cooking. But death lurks around each corner and under every table. Kill all of the stick figures in the correct order, everything may be a weapon for them! interact with the characters and objects to create events to kill all.


Stickman Crime in Kitchen - Published by Nick Unity





JA049: イタリアン少女と秘密のレシピ(美少女✕料理ゲーム)

Publisher & Production Company: Chronus M Inc.
Banned: 26/06/2015
Translation: Italian girl and a secret recipe (Pretty ✕ Cooking Games)

play.google.com (translation)
How to play is very easy! Vegetables from the farm, meat, lets cook by harvesting the ingredients, such as fish. Dishes sold at the shop gradually makes the shop big! Along with the prosperity of the shop, we will continue to progress the story of a poster girl "Anna".


イタリアン少女と秘密のレシピ(美少女✕料理ゲーム)- Published by Chronus M Inc.





JA050: ひめがみ絵巻【ポジションちぇんじバトル/無料RPG】

Publisher & Production Company: Aiming Inc.
Banned: 27/06/2015
Translation: My goddess picture scrolls [position chennji battle / free RPG]

play.google.com (translation)
...all types of Himekami that can be grow up to the highest rank, Favorite cute "princess God" and the adventure together forever!


ひめがみ絵巻【ポジションちぇんじバトル/無料RPG】 - Published by Aiming Inc.





HU001: Zsanett ötkor a szökőkútnál!

Publisher & Production Company: Clonix Impression
Banned: 27/06/2015
Translation: Jane at five in the fountain!

play.google.com (translation)
Will there be a fountain Jane? Does that look like Jane? Zsanett whether she has a boyfriend? If so, then who to watch out for?
Main hero would find his true love?


Zsanett ötkor a szökőkútnál! - Published by Clonix Impression





4 Pics 1 City

Publisher & Production Company: One2Android
Banned: 1/07/2015

Four pics one word is a very famous game. in this version we introduce 4 pics one word for cities around the world Look at four pictures and guess what's the word in common. And this word is a name of famous city . Beautiful pictures, famous places, national culture symbols. There’s so much to learn and discover!
You’ll find four pictures that are associated with a city. Figure out what city it is. try to guess what’s the word! 20 unique puzzles with cities of the world! After finishing the first 20 levels you can get the next 20 levels and so on.


4 Pics 1 City - Published by One2Android





French Braids Jigsaw

Publisher & Production Company: jigsawgames
G (General): 25/06/2015
Banned: 1/07/2015

Play the best puzzle games, to bring you a better gaming experience, develop your intellect. Jigsaw Puzzle is a free puzzle game suitable for all ages, a variety of game difficulty to choose from. This is a wonderful jigsaw of French braid hairstyle! Bring unrivaled experience jigsaw puzzle lovers of all ages. If you like the hair, you'll enjoy a clear picture of many braids hairstyle! We carefully select all of the pictures selected, you will like it.
The level in the game to complete the puzzle, you can put the game's picture as the phone wallpaper!


French Braids Jigsaw - Published by jigsawgames





Hopping Ninja Speed

Publisher & Production Company: kimodo
Banned: 1/07/2015

Hopping Ninja Speed is Game designed specifically for entertainment where Ninja man to overcome the barriers quickly and jump There are 3 levels face Ninja man easy to medium difficult , The game contains superb stimulate muzic to play plus Help page and the instructions should you encounter any difficulties.

Hopping Ninja Speed - Published by kimodo





JA051: すやすや男子2

Publisher & Production Company: HappyRoad
Banned: 1/07/2015
Translation: Sleeping soundly male 2

play.google.com (translation)
...set waking up figure of the science boys. Turn off the block of the screen, why not cause a peacefully sleeping boy?


すやすや男子2 - Published by HappyRoad





Real Gun

Publisher & Production Company: Indie Brain
Banned: 1/07/2015

Get ready to play the best augmented reality FPS gun app on Google Play! Includes 8 amazingly detailed weapons: M4, AK47, USP, Spas-12, MP5, Grenade, Katana, Machete.


Real Gun - Published by Indie Brain





KO005: 좀비다!(Zombie多!)

Publisher & Production Company: 놀사람
Banned: 1/07/2015
Translation: Zombies! (Zombie piece!)
aka 좀비다!(Zombie多!): WHAT THE HELL

play.google.com (translation)
Fun Zombie Massacre! From now on, the zombies are just a mere piece of meat to make money!
End the era of hunting! Now the era of observation!


좀비다!(Zombie多!) - Published by 놀사람





TU001: Çıplak Gösteren Kamera

Publisher & Production Company: devcscak
Banned: 2/07/2015
Translation: Showing Naked Camera

apk4fun.vnimages.com (translation)
 You can make funny jokes camera showing naked with your friends. This application is not intended for real. It is not porn is. It does not contain porn content, naked women, naked girls and sex.


Çıplak Gösteren Kamera - Published by devcscak





HE001: תרגול לוח הכפל 

Publisher & Production Company: Liam Israel
Banned: 2/07/2015
G (General): 4/07/2015
Translation: Practice multiplication tables


תרגול לוח הכפל - Published by Liam Israel





no name

Publisher & Production Company: pinbit
Banned: 2/07/2015

play.google.com (translation)
...a simple game created by pinbit. I think it is difficult.


no name - Published by pinbit





JA052: 妹パンツJAM

Publisher & Production Company: Chun Wang
Banned: 2/07/2015
Translation: Sister pants JAM

Small Na voice actor and his friends (high school) was recorded by luck, by all means, please listen.


妹パンツJAM - Published by Chun Wang





Drakrons: Odyssey

Publisher & Production Company: PromptNow Co.,Ltd.
Banned: 2/07/2015

Drakrons” is the Social Strategy Online Role-Playing Game. You are a spaceship commander adventuring amid the catastrophic clash between two factions, the shattered Empire destroyed by Drakrons, and Ironstorm leading by Lord Amano Ironborn.
During the age of rising warlords and chaotic civil war, you have to lead your crews with a squad of sophisticated Gears and a Navi who will guide you through the journey, travelling through space and participate in the great civil wars trying to bring back the peace to the galaxy. The future of the universe will be shaped by your hands.
FEATURES == Social Strategy Online Role-Playing Game == Mixing the challenging of strategic battle with the fun of role-playing with fantasy sci-fi storyline, and playing with friends on any mobile/tablet, Drakrons delivers you a whole new experience of mobile gaming; Role-playing as a spaceship commander to command your battle robot squad, challenging with epic NPCs and other players in the quests and missions like in an RPG, while you also will have to carefully planing for your journey path, utilising your resources to achieve various tasks.


Drakrons: Odyssey - Published by PromptNow Co.,Ltd.





JA053: パン焼き少女と秘密のレシピ(美少女×料理ゲーム)

Publisher & Production Company: Chronus M Inc.
Banned: 3/07/2015
Translation: Baking girl and a secret recipe (Pretty × Cooking Games)

play.google.com (translation)
How to play is very easy! Vegetables in the farm, meat, let's bake bread by harvesting the ingredients, such as fish. If you sell the bread made with the shop, gradually the shop gets big! Along with the prosperity of the shop, also we will continue to progress the story of a poster girl "blue".


 パン焼き少女と秘密のレシピ(美少女×料理ゲーム)- Published by  Chronus M Inc.





JA054: IS〜ブレイジング・メモリー〜

Publisher & Production Company: mobage
Banned: 3/07/2015
Translation: IS~ Blazing memory

play.google.com (translation)
...IS game apps that was popular in the TV anime! Familiar original scenario, ... a fan must-see.
The heroines of IS can dress up in your favorite costume.
Please experience the world of high-speed school romantic comedy!


IS〜ブレイジング・メモリー〜 - Published by mobage





Secret World Island VR

Publisher & Production Company: WolfDen Studio
Banned: 3/07/2015

Walk around a mysterious deserted vast hidden paradise Island resort with sexy attractive busty girls on the beach in bra and panties hanging around the blue sea and partying and playing volley ball on DJ music. Use your VR glasses headset or Google Cardboard or oculus rift and get ready for this limitless panorama Virtual reality experience Works with any mobile stereoscopic headset with a built in accelerometer.
Game Features: Amazingly detailed 3d environment!, Realistic sounds + surroundings!!, Explore your favourite baby girl in this environment tour!!, Easy controls simply look where you want to go!!, Crisp cinema like HD visuals effects!!, Develop for high-end mobile phone, which have gyro sensor smoothness!!
Secret world island VR is a free to play Virtual reality oculus rift 3d dynamic perspective view and gorgeous graphics hand painting


Secret World Island VR - Published by WolfDen Studio





Sharks Attack 2014

Publisher & Production Company: MCapture
Banned: 4/07/2015

In the year of 2014, the sharks are evolved. They are now real underwater sea monsters, they are larger and furious that they used to be. To understand more about the sharks, you as the elite sharks explorer was given a duty to sneak into their lair. Too bad, they've found you. Worst of all, they are angry and hungry. You need to escape from their attacks and gather as much information along the way. Good Luck.
Swipe on the screen to control the diver, collect coins to score the game while avoid from attack by sharks. You may collect super shield to protect you for certain time period.
This is a fun game for kid. If you love shark game, you love this game.


Sharks Attack 2014 - Published by MCapture





Sharks Attack Revenge

Publisher & Production Company: MCapture
Banned: 4/07/2015

Over many years, sharks are evolved into real sea monsters. They are larger and furious than they used to be. As an expert of underwater treasure hunter, you are prepared to fight these sharks with your powerful underwater gun any-time. One day, you had found a sunken pirate ship in the deep sea, but this place was occupied by hundreds of massive hungry white sharks. To get to the treasures spot, you have to pass through these hungry sharks and avoid being eaten.
This is a running game with shoot-em-up game play. It is so challenging and super fun! Great 3D graphics and game play of Sharks Attack Revenge! If you love shark game, you love this game.
Swipe on the screen to control the diver, stay alive and collect pirate coins to score the game while avoid from sharks’ attack. The more sharks you kill the higher ranking you will gain. You may collect super shield to gain protection for certain period of time.


Sharks Attack Revenge - Published by MCapture



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