IARC Censorship #13 - June 2015





Sherlock Criminal Case 4

Publisher & Production Company: Cooking & Room Escape Gamers
Banned: 19/06/2015

Sherlock Criminal Case 4 - New House Murder
Are you ready to prove your detective skills? Solve a Crime Case.
Play this Crime Scene killer investigation game to become a world best crime investigate detective. Here's a murder case waiting for you to solve and find the killer.
Mr. James complains that her wife Mrs. Marg was killed at his garden. Go and find out the killer. Mr. James wife was killed in this morning. We are renovating our house. So many works going. So many workers come to work. I don't know who killed my wife. Please find him, detective.


Sherlock Criminal Case 4 - Published by Cooking & Room Escape Gamers





2048 TiMo

Publisher & Production Company: ConGaTiMo
Banned: 20/06/2015

appszoom.com (translation)
Vietnamese - Slide the numbers and add up each other until you reach 2048.


2048 TiMo - Published by ConGaTiMo





Pirate Countdown

Publisher & Production Company: inScopeGames
Banned: 21/06/2015

Pirate Countdown is a fun and quirky mobile game based off the classic dice game Shut the Box. Gain achievements while attempting to eliminate all the mutinous pirates on board! Instructions- Place your bet and then continue on to the game. Roll the dice and select as many pirates whose values add up to your roll. Execute them and repeat. The round is over once you have no more pirates whose value add up to your roll.


Pirate Countdown - Published by inScopeGames





Dark City Zombies 3D

Publisher & Production Company: AbsoLogix - 3D Games Studio
Banned: 21/06/2015

In 2014, a dangerous virus is spreading all over the world. A large number of people are infected with this virus and become zombies. You are one of the survivors. As an Ex-Marine you are involved in the war against the zombies. Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. Explore the city and uncover the provoking truth in this intense FPS action game!
Save the remnants of humanity by infiltrating the zombie-infested city, stocking up on supplies, rescuing civilians and ushering them to safety while slaughtering every zombie in your path!. The world is waiting for a savior to bring hope back for the human race.


Dark City Zombies 3D - Published by 3D Games Studio






Publisher & Production Company: Sky company
Banned: 22/06/2015

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.





VN009: Vo Lam Kiem Hiep - Kiếm Hiệp

Publisher & Production Company: ZezoStudio
Banned: 22/06/2015
Translation: Sword hero

Dear patriots, Master Nhat Tong University erected a martial world true to detail, players are transformed into modern heroes and stand united in Jin Yong's novels, ... practicing martial arts moves.
...you will gain notables achievements and mark important milestones in the process of becoming masters of martial arts.


Vo Lam Kiem Hiep - Kiếm Hiệp - Published by ZezoStudio





Hit My Ass

Publisher & Production Company: Tu Anh
Banned: 22/06/2015

Super funny game to play!
HOW TO PLAY: - Win in One-Two-Three handy game. - Hit the partner's ass to damage - Try to get the middle of indicator to maximum the damage


Hit My Ass - Published by Tu Anh





Misteri Da Un Minuto

Publisher & Production Company: G-Studio Software
Banned: 22/06/2015

appszoom.com (translation)
A strange situation, a mysterious crime scene with few clues. A scenario to crack. This time the investigator's you ... think it over!


Misteri Da Un Minuto - Published by G-Studio Software





CH022: 萌江湖-哥要的是愛情

Publisher & Production Company: Super Unalis
Banned: 23/06/2015

Same as CH020: 萌江湖-哥要的是愛情





Islam Today (OLD)

Publisher & Production Company: Zak Suleman
Banned: 24/06/2015

Islam Today was launched in 1426 - October 2005. The magazine was received with great enthusiasm since its inception. The first 8 page issue was presented freely to the reader on A4 newsprint. Islam Today grew to twelve pages by the forth issue with a distribution of 10 000. By the fifth issue we had outgrown the A4 newsprint and started publishing in tabloid size, and by the 20th issue we had evolved into a glossy magazine which is our current format. In 2012, we achieved the Diamond Arrow Award, in the new business category.


Islam Today (OLD) - Published by Zak Suleman





Douchebag Beach Club

Publisher & Production Company: Pyrozen
Banned: 24/06/2015

One of our most popular series is now on mobile. With Douchebag Beach Club, you can now become a real Douchebag at the beach! The mission is simple; get big muscles, increase your swag and flirt with the ladies.


Douchebag Beach Club - Published by Pyrozen





Commando Revenge

Publisher & Production Company: Blade Burning
Banned: 24/06/2015

After a long time of the attack on the innocent civilians of your country, you have got a chance to enter the enemy base camp at frontline. A long struggle and your will power have provided you a chance to take revenge of the innocent people murdered by the cruel enemy. Now is the time to apply your skills of fighting and prove yourself as a great commando.
In this mission you have provided a gun, but you can find various kinds of weapons from the enemy’s base camp like AK-47, a MP5 gun and pump action etc. along with bullets and ammos. It will get difficult for you level by level but keeping in mind the blood of your innocent country fellows will boost you up to take revenge of their defenseless killing.
Go ahead and start shooting the cruel enemy force step by step and enter your name in the history as a great brave solider!!!


Commando Revenge - Published by Blade Burning





AR001: خمن الدولlite

Publisher & Production Company: عمر العلي
Banned: 24/06/2015
Translation: Guess States lite

Scratch the picture to reveal it. The less you reveal, the more you score.


 خمن الدولlite - Published by عمر العلي





KO004: 쥬얼리 디자이너

Publisher & Production Company: 유아더디자이너
Banned: 24/06/2015
Translation: Jewelry designer

...the easiest and fastest jewelry design game!
Your design is "real implementation" through contests and other events, it will be sold as a licensed designer with your name! Of course, you will have to pay the license costs.


쥬얼리 디자이너 - Published by 유아더디자이너





CH023: 幻龍啟示錄:龍王的挑戰者!

Publisher & Production Company: Pubgame
Banned: 25/06/2015
Translation: Magic Dragon Revelation: Dragon challenger!

play.google.com (translation)
Japanese fighting game
Hunting Warcraft, beat dark dragon, guardian of world peace depends on you. Classic Japanese anime transplant shock Meng Q version of the character style! Hundreds of Eudemons waiting for you to collect! Come to develop their own exclusive Eudemons! Hunters, are you ready?


幻龍啟示錄:龍王的挑戰者! - Published by Pubgame





JA047: ぼくのゆめみるみらい for Android

Publisher & Production Company: 夢見奏
Banned: 25/06/2015
Translation: The future that I dream of.

play.google.com (translation)
Story - In an accident, a wife has lost a loved one. Six months have passed since the wound of the heart has been healed.


ぼくのゆめみるみらい for Android - Published by 夢見奏





Zombie District

Publisher & Production Company: Game SmokeMedia
Banned: 25/06/2015
aka Zombie Games FPS

Z virus spread almost to all the world, you are the one of the survivors from this virus and you are trapped in a zombie district. You are assigned to do the cleanup mission, kill all the zombies and shoot his head. Zombie District is the best of all zombie games fps (first person shooter), and a mix of music, place and creepy zombie character can push your adrenalin up.
The courage and skill in hunting creepy zombies and get the best weapons then use your ability to hunt zombies is the point of this game.
Be careful, the dangerous and cruel zombies in your around, every kind of zombies have different abilities, and it is your duty to destroy all zombies and rearrange the life from zombie apocalypse.


Zombie District - Published by SmokeMedia





CH024: 霸王別姬

Publisher & Production Company: Pubgame
Banned: 25/06/2015
Translation: Farewell My Concubine

play.google.com (translation)
Challenge your operating limit! Nether Dragon King appeared, strengthen and upgrade combat! Qin mobile beauty, beauty with a walk seven countries.


霸王別姬 - Published by Pubgame





Move: The Corridors

Publisher & Production Company: practicing01
Banned: 26/06/2015

Trapped and hunted by a schizophrenic fiend, you must escape to survive. Short episode of a series, this horror game will challenge you with a set of physics puzzles.


Move: The Corridors - Published by practicing01





JA048: イケナイ彼女~漫画で進展する新感覚ゲーム~

Publisher & Production Company: Chronus App Inc.
Banned: 26/06/2015
Translation: Ikenai her-new game in cartoon

play.google.com (translation)
Suddenly one day my sister has moved is in the next room has been moved. From the day of your life has changed dramatically.


イケナイ彼女~漫画で進展する新感覚ゲーム~ - Published by Chronus App Inc.



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