IARC Censorship #9 - May/June 2015





KO002: 술자리 복불복 섯다

Publisher & Production Company: JB6
Banned: 27/05/2015
Translation: Bokbulbok drinking seotda

play.google.com (translation)
The world's first seotda game for up to 10 people.
...the people who have the highest card will win.


술자리 복불복 섯다 - Published by JB6





JA040: 狂育カレシ ~好みの彼氏の作り方~ 

Publisher & Production Company: aquanaut-inc.
Banned: 27/05/2015
Translation: Kyolku boyfriend - How to make favorite boyfriend

play.google.com (translation)
...irresistible cute boyfriend, face like a doll. How to make of KyoIku boyfriend -  Try raising a cute boyfriend.


狂育カレシ ~好みの彼氏の作り方~ - Published by aquanaut-inc.





Seotda bokbulbok FreeVersion

Publisher & Production Company: JB6
Banned: 27/05/2015

This is the free version of Seotda bokbulbok





KO001: 복불복 섯다

Publisher & Production Company: JBEntertainment
Banned: 27/05/2015
Translation: Bokbulbok seotda

Same as Seotda bokbulbok





Survival Contract

Publisher & Production Company: Burger Studios
Banned: 28/05/2015

Congratulation !! you got the loan from the gangsters, but it is not over yet.  You have to work for gangsters . Complete the required task to payback money to gangsters. There are under cover gangsters for your guidance. Be fast, be smart, otherwise you will not survive. Remember its your survival which will bring your life back.


Survival Contract - Published by Burger Studios





CH015: 魔幻传奇

Publisher & Production Company: PANX
Banned: 29/05/2015
Translation: Magical Legend

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.





Street of Death

Publisher & Production Company: Randal-Tec
Banned: 29/05/2015

Street of Death is crazy, fun and addictive action game. The city is ruined! Streets are full of chaos and death! Final fight for your survival is coming! There is no mercy in these situation. Only the strongest will survive. Fight for you life! Destroy all of your enemies with grenades and bombs. Be wary of dangerous officers of special army forces. They have secret weapons as sniper rifle, rocket launcher, RPG and armoured tank. Don´t give up. You must defeat all your enemies, because there is no other way to escape from this apocalypse except through the death of your enemies.


Street of Death - Published by Randal-Tec





ACG Anime Free Puzzle Game

Publisher & Production Company: Dong Truong Quang
Banned: 29/05/2015
aka Tile Puzzle - Anime Girls

...a free puzzle game with the combination of anime photos and classic jigsaw game play. By rearranging all the pieces of a fanart anime photo which is cut randomly, you can unlock new lovely fanart and save the unlocked one to your album. You should finish the photo as soon as possible to gain higher score and increase your score in the leaderboard. Tile Puzzle - Anime Girls offers a lovely anime gallery with fanart of mirai, amino, lonely girls, cosplay... The difficulty of jigsaw game will increase with the more beautiful of anime photo. Let resolve the jigsaw and unlock a gallery of mirai, amino and many cosplay, lovely anime characters.


ACG Anime Free Puzzle Game - Published by Dong Truong Quang





JA041: 爽快麻雀!イーシャンテン

Publisher & Production Company: HighLab Co.,Ltd.
Banned: 29/05/2015
Translation: Exhilarating Mahjong! Ishanten

play.google.com (translation)
...mah-jong game app, play against the CPU.


爽快麻雀!イーシャンテン - Published by HighLab Co.,Ltd.





Measure Bra Size Prank

Publisher & Production Company: Mintly Studio
Banned: 30/05/2015

Measure your bra size by scanning your fingerprint. Features Bra size calculator - Bust measurement - Band size measurement - Bra cup size calculator Fingerprint scanner or fingerprint reader Measure bra size by country, more sizing systems supported - US, EU, Australia and more countries supported - measurement in inches supported - measurement in centimeters supported Fake bra size with exceptional bra animations 80% of women wear an incorrectly sized bra! Most people wear a bra too large in the back and too small in the cups. One quick and easy way to determine your correct bra size is by using the tape measuring system. While this system is not completely accurate, but it is a great starting point on determining your correct fit. Measure Bra Size Fingerprint Prank makes the bra size tape measuring process easier and with more fun. To determine cup size, you subtract the band size from the bust measurement. The difference helps you calculate the cup size.


Measure Bra Size Prank - Published by Mintly Studio





Swimming Pool Fun

Publisher & Production Company: Quicksailor
Banned: 30/05/2015

Richard and Angeline go to the swimming pool to have some fun in the weekend. They enter the pool and enjoy themselves all alone. As the time passes by they feel like kissing each other. So they decide to kiss in the pool itself. This app is all about making the two kiss each other and making the love meter increase. All this must be done before the time runs out. See that no one catches the two kissing each other, if someone is about to have a look; a warning appears on the screen and at that moment you need to remain calm and normal. So go ahead play this simple fun kissing app and enjoy kissing!


Swimming Pool Fun - Published by Quicksailor





Army Sniper Commando Shooting

Publisher & Production Company: Games Link Studio
Banned: 30/05/2015

End is near, Face the challenge of war times, You have to enter in enemy area it may be jungle, desert, mountainous, snow, or enemy waters. Enemy is invading too, setting up bases after bases in your territory. You are the Lone Sniper, with a lot of mission to complete, Mission that may cost you your life but can save your nation. It's test of your skill, your stamina, your temperament, and your sniper shooting training. Don't worry about munitions, concentrate on the attacking enemy, shoot them all to get your positions back. If you love shooting games, then this sniper shooting game is the ultimate fun. move left, right, forward, backward. position your aim, find the enemy hiding in bunkers, sack bunkers, fortress, jungle hid outs and shoot them.
Game Story: As best sniper shooter, You are given a number of missions. Each mission has number of levels, Win the level to play next, complete the mission to get your next. Ultimate trophy is at the end of all missions. Enjoy the never ending thrill and adrenaline rush.


Army Sniper Commando Shooting- Published by Games Link Studio





Naked Scanner Pro - Free

Publisher & Production Company: Simulative
Banned: 31/05/2015

This is a Naked Scanner Pro Simulator. You can use it to play or pull a prank with your friends. Naked Scanner Pro is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. This app is a prank app, it's a Joke. It does not contain naked girl photo or porn. It is free.


Naked Scanner Pro - Free - Published by Simulative





Royale Vegas Roulette Fortune

Publisher & Production Company: GameKingdom LWL
Banned: 31/05/2015

Best Roulette Games in Android. Free Royale Vegas Roulette Fortune. THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. NO REAL WORLD MONEY IS INVOLVED. Player spins the lucky wheel and a ball will be running in opposite direction around the circumference of the wheel.
By betting on the correct slot where the ball land after spinning the wheel, you will earn a payoff on your bet. It’s not hard to master the skill and predict the slot after you has play for sometimes. The game will show you the last five numbers right on the screen. Tap the chips on the bottom and places it on the chosen betting field and spin the lucky wheel. Get ready to earn a payoff.


Royale Vegas Roulette Fortune - Published by GameKingdom LWL





Street Hero Fight

Publisher & Production Company: Freexibut
Banned: 1/06/2015

Fighting Games moved across the screen the best. Moving together on the streets to fight against evil. - Impressive with 10 battle skills - Beautiful graphics with five street scene with a lot of fighting level. - Conditions versatile character with simple gameplay, intriguing.


Street Hero Fight - Published by Freexibut





Night Legend

Publisher & Production Company: Adventures Quest World
Banned: 1/06/2015

Night Legend – knives throwing simulator game at moving target. Tap on the screen and throw the knife to hit your target. And.....undress the sexy girl. What is the best thing about games? They are not real, but they do make you enjoy reality. Like in our game Night Legend. We are really glad to introduce you our heroine, your girlfriend for this night. You can call her Jennifer or Tracy, or Kim. She doesn't care about things like, how to get rid of acne or how many calories are in pizza. She will just help you to become real immortan cult leader and feel all the power of iron force. Knife show with crazy whirling spot and charming girl. And who is a shoot boss here? It's you! BEST WEAPON for the real man – is knife. Forget about guns, brutal rules of mortal battle, they are only for ninja. Your power is your accuracy. COMBINATION OF DARTS AND SHOOTING GAME. Hit the target, but don't hurt a girl. LEVEL UP. The harder is your level, the faster is the speed of your target. Try do not miss. Otherwise your character can die. SHOW YOUR SHOOTING AND REACTION SPEED. ONE HOT GIRL, 10 KNIVES and DRESS, THAT BECOMES LESS AND LESS. Night Legend - what will she dress at the final? Depends on your results!


Night Legend - Published by Adventures Quest World





Pocket Pool Pro

Publisher & Production Company: Ezjoy
Banned: 1/06/2015

Like to shoot pool? Come on to download Cool Billiards Game - Pocket Pool Pro for FREE right now!
VERSUS MODE Play against the computer AI with standard 8 ball rules or 9 ball rules. Touch the screen to adjust the direction or press buttons to adjust cue angle slightly, drag down the power-up in the RIGHT to shoot. Touch and hold at any point to move the cue-ball and tap to confirm for Free-ball. -
CHALLENGE MODE You need to pocket all the balls on the table within the given number of cues. There is no time limit for this mode, but watch out there may have various traps and you have only limited number of cues.
Highlighted Features - Realistic 3D ball and great physical experience; - Various game modes, 8 Ball Pool, 9 Ball Pool and up to 150 levels arcade mode; - Player vs Computer AI (AI with 3 levels); - Various tables; - Bright and vibrant graphics & effects; We believe that everyone is a gamer at heart and that games are a great source of joy and relaxation.


Pocket Pool Pro - Published by Ezjoy





Born to Run (AT)

Publisher & Production Company: NADA Austria
Banned: 2/06/2015

BORN TO RUN: COMPETE AS A ROOF-RUNNER TO ACHIEVE WORLDWIDE TOP RANKINGS! Welcome to the «International Roof Running League» (IRRL). You have been selected to represent your country on the city’s rooftops. Battle with the world’s best «Roof Runners» for the top spots Each week a new racetrack awaits you. Can you beat the record?
Features: Action packed first rate Jump&Run game. Endless gaming with new racetracks every week International competition against other «Roof Runners» Training mode to improve your running skills AND Four powerful but illegal doping substances. In 2048 the «International Roof Running League» (IRRL) dominates the worldwide sporting events calendar. You are a great young talent. But the international competition is not sitting back idle. Measure your skills against the world’s best «Roof Runners» each week in the «Born to Run Championship». Are you ready to enter the IRRL? Can you beat the record?
The road to the top is a long one. You decide if you want to stay clean or if you want to enhance your performance by doping. Banned substances give you immediate strength, with which you can cast your opponents into the shadow. But be careful! If you dope not only do you risk your health, but if you get caught with illegal substances, you also face harsh punishment. Only steady training will keep you fit. What will you decide? The "International Roof running League" (IRRL) presents: "Born to Run Championship", the Action Sport of the future.


Born to Run (AT) - Published by NADA Austria





Moto Gp Rally Racer (Prank)

Publisher & Production Company: MKPRO
Banned: 2/06/2015

Moto Gp Rally Racer (Prank) game is a simulated and prank game designed for you to induce your friends in to installing this Moto Gp Rally Racer (Prank) game into their phones. After your friends have installed this Moto Gp Rally Racer (Prank) game, please make sure that you are next to them. Observe their expression, when they tricked by you into downloading this Moto Gp Rally Racer (Prank) game. They will be shocked to see it's merely a Moto GP themed racing games. Don't worry...... We have include several thing: -Moto Gp Riders Salaries In 2015 -Top Five Tracks -Track Girls -Moto Gp facts -Moto Gp theme puzzle game -Moto Gp theme block game Invite your friends to try out this Moto Gp Rally Racer (Prank) game and feel the fun!!!


Moto Gp Rally Racer (Prank) - Published by MKPRO





CH016: 競武俠-首創節奏互動戰鬥!港漫卡牌!真人語音

Publisher & Production Company: Unalis corporation.
Banned: 2/06/2015
Translation: Martial arts competition - the first interactive battle rhythm! Hong Kong Man cards! Real voice

play.google.com (translation)
...exclusive agents to reproduce the classic story Shushanjianxia pass the final showdown unprecedented pace cards, original refreshing touch kill QTE combat, gorgeous dazzling special skills, the three sects, all in the martial arts competition.


競武俠-首創節奏互動戰鬥!港漫卡牌!真人語音 - Published by Unalis corporation.



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