IARC Censorship #7 - May 2015





Fun Swimming Pool Love Kiss

Publisher & Production Company: Quicksailor
M (Suggestive Theme): 21/03/2015
G (General): 23/04/2015
Banned: 11/05/2015
M (Suggestive Theme): 27/06/2015
aka Kissing Game-Swimming Pool
aka Swimming Pool Love Kiss

Same as Kissing Game-Swimming Pool (15/08)

Same as Kissing Game-Swimming Pool (15/09)

The couple went over to the swimming pool to beat the heat with few splashes. But then passion over took them and they had to beat it with some kisses. Engage the pair into some comfortable kisses, but without affecting public ethics.


Fun Swimming Pool Love Kiss - Published by Quicksailor





JA035: 戦舞姫

Publisher & Production Company: Amuzism.inc
Banned: 11/05/2015
Translation: War dancer

play.google.com (translation)
In this war never-ending war, who is the supreme in the named world.
War dancer collects the warlords, a strategy card simulation game aimed at unification while strengthening.
...various types, such as "Ninja Team" and "gun Corps!"


戦舞姫 - Published by Amuzism.inc





Ninja Heroes

Publisher & Production Company: RedGameStudio
Banned: 11/05/2015
aka Beast Saga
aka Kyuubi

Same as Beast Saga

Same as Kyuubi





JA034: おしりタッチ

Publisher & Production Company: icchannel
Banned: 11/05/2015
Translation: Ass touch

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.





JA033: Wonder4World-美少女コレクションパズルRPG-

Publisher & Production Company: G-mode Co., Ltd.
Banned: 11/05/2015
Translation: Wonder4World-Pretty collection puzzle RPG

play.google.com (translation)
...overwhelming scale by gorgeous artist "Pretty collection puzzle RPG.
... the story begins with the journey in search of a girl who has a mysterious force.


Wonder4World-美少女コレクションパズルRPG-- Published by  G-mode Co., Ltd.





Valkyrie Crusade

Publisher & Production Company: Nubee Tokyo
Banned: 11/05/2015

"The battle girls have come... to the world up in the heavens" "Valkyrie Crusade" is a new type of game that combines card battles with gorgeous girl warriors and fanciful town building.
Beautiful Battle Girl Cards! Summon a variety of beautiful girls! Create your own military unit, fuse cards with evolution and amalgamation, and charge into battle. Become friendly with your girls and strengthen your bonds.
Create a lovely "Kingdom"! Build structures with various effects, and build your own unique town. Even players who are not adept at battles can enjoy decorating their town.
Magnificent Battles!  Organize your units and march into each area to restore peace to the World of the Gods with "Campaign". Fight with other players in "Duel" to get "Sacred Treasures". Cooperate with friends to defeat powerful enemies called "Archwitches" with "Subdue an Archwitch" A variety of battles await you!


Valkyrie Crusade - Published by Nubee Tokyo





CH011: 動漫美少女拼圖

Publisher & Production Company: Cecily1985
Banned: 11/05/2015
Translation: Anime girl puzzle

play.google.com (translation)
Attractive anime girl, fun jigsaw puzzle.


動漫美少女拼圖 - Published by Cecily1985





CH013: 魔王軍團

Publisher & Production Company: 三群Mobile
Banned: 12/05/2015
Translation: Devil Legion


魔王軍團 - Published by 三群Mobile





CH012: 愛妹大作戰(女神萌萌噠)

Publisher & Production Company: Goodearth Holdings Limited
Banned: 12/05/2015
Translation: Love fight (the goddess Meng Meng da)

play.google.com (translation)
Love sister Wars is a set of love, develop, collect, battle in one of the beautiful card game.


愛妹大作戰(女神萌萌噠) - Published by Goodearth Holdings Limited





w19wdf free app

Publisher & Production Company: Test Developer : GPDC
Banned: 13/05/2015

This is a test app from the publisher. No further information available.





Sherlock Criminal Case 1

Publisher & Production Company: Cooking & Room Escape Gamers
Banned: 13/05/2015

Are you ready to prove your detective skills? Play this Crime Scene killer investigation game to become a world best crime investigate detective. Here a murder case waiting for you to solve and find the killer.
FEATURES: Completely free game. Collect the criminal case details. Investigate at the crime scenes. Best hidden objects game. Get the forensic science department information. Find the hidden evidence. Hints are in the crime scene to help you solve the puzzle Solve the puzzle to get the evidence. Interrogate witnesses and suspects with the evidences. Get the instinct questions about the criminal. Examine clues solve the puzzle and analyse samples to look for evidence. And ask the questions to the people. Bring the Criminal to justice to investigate the crime case. Match the evidence and, Find the criminal.


Sherlock Criminal Case 1 - Published by Cooking & Room Escape Gamers





Drunk Driver

Publisher & Production Company: Bit Escape
Banned: 14/05/2015

Consume drinks and various illegal substances to increase your score factor and see how high you can rank on the global high scores ladder. Unlock achievements to increase your tolerances for better scores.


Drunk Driver - Published by Bit Escape





SWAT Sniper Training

Publisher & Production Company: AyouzMobile
Banned: 14/05/2015

hunt the terrorites with your sniper rifle and improve your sniping skills. many factors affect the bullet . so make you decision wiseley and pull the rifle trigger.
HOW TO PLAY: Use the buttons on the screen to aim and shoot. Swipe with your finger in the screen to look around with your rifle.


SWAT Sniper Training - Published by AyouzMobile





VN004: Đánh bai iwin hd moi

Publisher & Production Company: Baoan
Banned: 14/05/2015

...Caro, Chess, Domino, ... you can play games while making friends, chatting with rival.
Hottest version includes all online card games, play with players with system-class game, Poker, Mau Binh, Chinese chess.


Đánh bai iwin hd moi - Published by Baoan





Japan Puzzle

Publisher & Production Company: TQNST
Banned: 14/05/2015

Japan Puzzle contain a wonderful and very sweet pictures for Japan.
FEATURES: - 4x6 = 24 pieces - Easy to move the parts of the image in all directions until the entire picture is assembled. - The ability to save the picture when you finish assembling parts of the image. - Fit for all ages.


Japan Puzzle - Published by TQNST





Beast Saga

Publisher & Production Company: 1st Super Game
Banned: 14/05/2015
aka Kyuubi
aka Ninja Heroes

Same as Kyuubi

Same as Ninja Heroes





JA036: がんがんがーるズ!-無料美少女育成RPG

Publisher & Production Company: Bribser
Banned: 16/05/2015
Translation: Pounding Girl's - Free girl training RPG

play.google.com (translation)
...action RPG" to defeat and shoot the magic beast.
...deathblow to wipe out enemy overwhelming exhilaration of "Fever Time"!
...powerful gun, collect the colorful and cute costume, let's stronger team!
...monsters that attack the human race, fight with magic gun girl to confront the magical beast armed with guns and magic.


がんがんがーるズ!-無料美少女育成RPG - Published by Bribser






Publisher & Production Company: Operations Research CMU Watha Minsan's Team.
Banned: 18/05/2015
aka Treasure Path

play.google.com (translation)
Connect all the treasure box together. 


Treasure - Published by Operations Research CMU Watha Minsan's Team.






Publisher & Production Company: Blue Programmer
Banned: 18/05/2015

The game is comprised of a wheel subdivided into various colors. The player’s goal is to match the incoming squares, which is in random speed and color, to the wheel by spinning it. Each correct combination garners points and each incorrect combination will be a deduction to the player’s health. The player will be only given a four level health.


Pinpoint - Published by Blue Programmer





JA037: 無料萌えスイッチパズルゲーム【南総里見拾弐姫伝】

Publisher & Production Company: 株式会社SEガーデン南房総
Banned: 18/05/2015
Translation: Free Moe switch puzzle game [MinamiSo Satomi Jitsu Legend]

play.google.com (translation)
When the early Meiji era. A very beautiful woman appeared in your dream.
Your mission is to unleash the seal of Fushihime, offspring that bears the name of Shi is sealed zodiac.
By pressing the switch, up, down, left and right  it is highlighted.


無料萌えスイッチパズルゲーム【南総里見拾弐姫伝】 - 株式会社SEガーデン南房総 Published by



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