IARC Censorship #6 - May 2015





Spin The Bottle Premium

Publisher & Production Company: mobivention apps
Banned: 1/05/2015

This is the full version of Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle or Truth or Dare - is now available in a modern version. Sit together and enjoy this party game with your friends. There are 3 to 8 players allowed. You can upload real photos for the game from your gallery or just use the avatars given in the game. Spin the bottle for each round. Once the bottle has selected a person he or she has to answer a question or to fulfill a given task. The questions and tasks not easy and sometimes even a little bit embarrassing. If the person denies to answer the question or fails to fulfill the task he/she needs to take the penalty. This game is guaranteed fun!


Spin The Bottle Premium - Published by mobivention apps





Spin The Bottle

Publisher & Production Company: mobivention apps
Banned: 1/05/2015
M (Coarse Language): 20/08/2015

This is the free version of Spin The Bottle Premium





Drug Dealer Simulator Game

Publisher & Production Company: Motion Pix Theater
Banned: 2/05/2015

4 Periods of the Day; Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Night. At Night you Sleep.
Meet Random People each day in the City. Sell Different Kinds of Drugs to Different Customers.
UnderCover Cops will try to pose as a Regular Buyer... if you sell to them YOUR BUSTED!
Story - You have 100 Days to earn 1 MILLION DOLLARS for a Shadey Criminal Boss... or you will be Killed.  Buy from the Drug Shack and Sell your Drugs on the Streets! Or Grow your Own Drugs in a Farm in your Home


Drug Dealer Simulator Game - Published by Motion Pix Theater





Pharoah Queen Cleopatra Slots

Publisher & Production Company: Plentouz Apps Development
Banned: 2/05/2015

Play Pharoah Queen Cleopatra Slots, the BEST slot machine game on Android! Enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide, Pharoah Queen Cleopatra Slots is a Free Vegas-style slots game with gorgeous graphics, amazing bonuses and fantastic sounds. Enjoy hours of pure adrenaline packed fun


Pharoah Queen Cleopatra Slots - Published by Plentouz Apps Development





JA029: 萌えキーパーえいちでぃ

Publisher & Production Company: G Game
Banned: 2/05/2015
Translation: Moe keeper wisdom De~i

Same as Moe Keeper HD





JA028: エルダーサイン【1日2回の戦略バトル】

Publisher & Production Company: Miracle Positive Co.,Ltd
Banned: 2/05/2015
Translation: [Strategy Battle of twice daily] Elder Sign

play.google.com (translation)
... those who are looking for a full-fledged online RPG in the smartphone, you can also participate in morning and night twice play for Students of busy office workers and test study
...fun of Cthulhu mythology gem of scenario every day against the backdrop of the advance reading a fantasy novel.
...crowded packed combat system damage who received hate and various skills that the to attack the other party and its successors, such as ranks and range, crowded elements are packed to fabricate the players own monster deck.


エルダーサイン【1日2回の戦略バトル】- Published by Miracle Positive Co.,Ltd






Publisher & Production Company: Dreamcraft App
Banned: 4/05/2015

Here comes the latest Casino Slot game SLOT Mega CASINO. It's simply AWESOME! Play Slots and WIN Casino, with 3 styles: Las Vegas, Magic Trick and Witch Happy Halloween. Big wins, amazing bonuses, huge Jackpot, top-tier graphics and high quality sound.
This game is ABSOLUTELY FREE and no real world money is involved. Place your bets, take a chance and cross your fingers. From your first spin to a million spins, this Las Vegas style slot machine will please and delight gamblers of all types.
Just like real time slots, this game is sure to please you and slot machine fans around the world! The best part is SLOT Mega CASINO is EASY to play and easy to win BIG! Play now and MEET YOUR LUCK today!


SLOT - Mega CASINO - Published by Dreamcraft App





Marijuana´s Game

Publisher & Production Company: Javi Computers
Banned: 4/05/2015

At last the final game of marijuana with which you not only have fun but you will learn how to grow in 5 minutes. Watered, and fertilized pays your plant to grow strong and healthy.


Marijuana´s Game - Published by Javi Computers





Drag & Draw - Cutie (Free)

Publisher & Production Company: KP Funny Apps
Banned: 5/05/2015

"Drag & Draw - Cutie" is a drawing style game, it is easy and simple to play even if you don't know how to draw.
The goal of this game is to reveal an underlying image by dragging your finger along navigator points (blue & pink color dots), which will reveal image's lines. Try not to miss the navigator points to get high accuracy and unlock next images. (If you find it hard to draw, just use zoom button to enlarge the drawing area)
All images of this app is in Manga Style, 32 images in 4 levels of beautiful girl (random characters) to play and more will be add in next version. If you like Manga or Anime, try it out!
This app contains sexy pictures (but not nude) and not suitable for children.


Drag & Draw - Cutie (Free) - Published by KP Funny Apps





TH001: สงครามนางฟ้า-Fatal Fairy

Publisher & Production Company: RenRen Games
Banned: 5/05/2015
Translation: Battle Angel -Fatal Fairy

facebook.com/thaifatalfairy (translation)
The world's first for a real-time combat like MMORPG explosion rules of the game in a new era. The battle system range thousands of people joined in battle.
War, you could be the first! The beauty of the strategy game, including special effects 3D scenes in a major battle to lead all players.
Kill and hinder opponents, many costumes keep you occupied, dress as you wish. 80 kinds of pet monster encounter the third world.
 ...physical attacks, magical spells, intelligence and agility.


สงครามนางฟ้า-Fatal Fairy - Published by RenRen Games





Candy Treasure Hunt Blast

Publisher & Production Company: Colorful Candy Studio
Banned: 5/05/2015

Introducing Candy Treasure Hunt Blast - Most well liked and popular Candy Puzzle Game from Makers of top hit apps! Candy Treasure Hunt Blast is a popular arcade puzzle jewels pop breaking game! Another classic gummy match-three game. This is a frenzy game for free and you can play till you drop. We promise we will never charge you a single cent!
Swipe your finger to connect three or more candy pieces either horizontally or vertically to clear and destroy them. The goal is to rack up as many candy points as you can for Little Mermaid Pou. You will get a bomb and thunders to strike off those candy gems. Tap them to make them burst and blast. Try to score as many points to level up. The power of magic candy crush is in your hands! Walk through thousands of levels in this candy crush soda adventure. This candy mania is an addictive and delicious adventure filled with colorful gummy gems crunching effects with a well designed graphic game.
This game consists of 3 modes: Classic, Time Attack and Unlock Jewel.


Candy Treasure Hunt Blast - Published by Colorful Candy Studio





JA030: 正妹軍團愛してる

Publisher & Production Company: iPlay99
Banned: 6/05/2015
Translation: I love positive sister army group

play.google.com (translation)
...hundreds of girl take your pick and enjoy collecting, let your harem of flowers bloom, And they fought together to save the world! Never miss love to develop, card battle game!
No matter what your favorite style, combine and develop a variety of elements in the game that will transform them into a special part of your working girl Legion!


正妹軍團愛してる - Published by iPlay99






Publisher & Production Company: 1stBest Game
Banned: 8/05/2015
aka Beast Saga
aka Ninja Heroes

Same as Beast Saga

Same as Ninja Heroes

Explore the real world of Ninja and experience the exciting adventure with level up, learn the ultimate jutsu and become the strongest Ninja. Build the strongest Ninja Village by winning in this epic multiplayer battle.
With hundred of plots and forbidden technique will make the battle become more immense. Fight for friendship, peace and glory! Prepare for the biggest Ninja War in the history and become the Legend!


Kyuubi - Published by 1stBest Game





Beach Toss : Play with Shyna

Publisher & Production Company: Azure Labs
Banned: 8/05/2015

Are you bored of playing same old game of tossing a paper ball to the basket then check out this new game amazing Beach Toss. Now your old game goes a bit naughty and more interesting. Hitting a target was never so fun earlier.
This game has the same objective but with a beautiful target to hit - Shyna. She is hanging out on beach so lets have fun together and the best part is, she will also enjoy.


Beach Toss : Play with Shyna - Published by Azure Labs





JA031: フリック ウォー

Publisher & Production Company: tel
G (General): 6/05/2015
Banned: 8/05/2015
Translation: Flick War

play.google.com (translation)
The entrance to the Tavern with a flick! ! !
The entrance is covered with Screen burn, if it's lost.  Level 9 clear if it can withstand! !


フリック ウォー - Published by tel





VN002: Phong Van Truyen Ky 3D

Publisher & Production Company: MoCay.Vn
Banned: 8/05/2015
aka Phòng Văn Truyện Kỹ 3D

appjenny.com (translation)
Game character system divided in two east - west. Players selected oriental trends will transform into guest Association or the Sorcerer. Players are allowed to choose to follow the Western trend will become Tu foot or Soldier. Tasks and events in the game take place constantly giving you an authentic experience while gaming.


Phong Van Truyen Ky 3D - Published by MoCay.Vn





JA032: 魔○の射手

Publisher & Production Company: tel
Banned: 9/05/2015
Translation: Doom 1 Archer

play.google.com (translation)
Broken clay with a tap. Take it easy the game is not over.


魔○の射手 - Published by tel





Pop Pet

Publisher & Production Company: KidsGames.MK
Banned: 10/05/2015
G (General): 24/07/2015

A completely class single game. Join in your friends-circle ranking Eliminating a set of casual puzzle games in one. A lovely children's picture style mobile games. Pop Pet use of smooth R & D technology with a stylish design, a sense of ultra-high-definition screen, props frequent, bursting with surprises.
In a limited range of time and space and props as possible to collect more pets element, happy summer, Pop Pet play with it.


Pop Pet - Published by KidsGames.MK





VN003: Teen Du Ký - Teen Teen Mobile

Publisher & Production Company: THVMobi
Banned: 10/05/2015
G (Online Interactivity): 3/06/2015

Teen Journey is an extended version of the game Teen Teen. In addition to having a full range of the latest features of Teen Teen, Teen Journey also has additional features unique competitions enhanced competition, contention, demonstrating ability between players with each other.


Teen Du Ký - Teen Teen Mobile - Published by THVMobi





Animal Hunter 3D 2015

Publisher & Production Company: Boztai Rakhat
Banned: 10/05/2015

This game differs with its honesty from other same games. You will enjoy it feeling like you are hunting 8 kind of animals like Stag, Elephant and Zebra in a life time. I will keep developing this game and offering to you. Please, share your ideas about this game and try to understand if you see any mistakes. Your ideas will help to develop this game more and more.


Animal Hunter 3D 2015 - Published by Boztai Rakhat



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