IARC Censorship #3 - March/April 2015





w13w free app

Publisher & Production Company: pubtest feb6
Banned: 28/03/2015

This is a test app from the publisher. No further information available.





Wanted Criminal: Police Sniper

Publisher & Production Company: 3Dee Space
Banned: 28/03/2015
M (Violence): 04/06/2015
aka Wanted Criminal: Sniper Shooting

The city police cops are greasing up the gears on roads to chase the most wanted criminal of underworld escaped from the prison. You are the blacklisted crook involved in illegal dealings and killer activities in city. Now taking up the hostage at one of the building top, you need to beat the heat of guns fire approaching you from the cunning cops and escape.
The only way to escape out of the city and state is to wait and resist the killer attack from the policemen till the aid reaches you from gang master via helicopter. Get the best sniper gun of 2015 and set fire ON!
Kill each till the reach! There is no way back once taken this dangerous mission of shooting!!! Aim and shoot those filthy cops planning to take you down again in imprisonment. Shoot and Kill is the only plan left so make the strike real hard in best sniper shooter for your survival.

Indulge into 5 major game levels accelerating towards extreme rage and difficulty. Aim and shoot till last cop is dead. Clear the area out of policemen in each mission to battle with the next troop of police force. Shooter attacks will get intense by each wave. Destroy patrolling police cars and hovering helicopters with the only weapon you have.


Wanted Criminal: Police Sniper - Published by 3Dee Space





Fairy Creator

Publisher & Production Company: Kid Apps
Banned: 29/03/2015

The easiest way to create pretty avatars and also share them with friends! You are a nice and pretty anime chibi girl or boy inside? Don't care what other people think, if you want your avatar to look like beautiful fairy or pony with messed-up hair, it's your life and your choice, look however you wish!
This amazing app includes Anime, cartoon or manga avatar photos editing & saving; Unique head portrait photos; Hand-drawn profile pictures; Easy creating & designing tools; Huge variety of colors combinations.


Fairy Creator - Published by Kid Apps





Army Commando – 3D Shooting

Publisher & Production Company: The Game Storm Studios
Banned: 30/03/2015
M (Violence): 31/03/2015

An ex-army commando is on a mission to defend against the terrorist attack on navy ships containing exotic armory. Act as the lone army commando hired on a contract to target & kill terrorists. Infiltrate the threat areas in the cargo ships using different army guns to defeat your enemy. The 3D FPS shooting includes thrilling missions in diverse situations against the terrorist force. Your companion AK-47 will help you dead shot every single enemy. Prove yourself as the brave army commando and challenge enemy with special guns like MK-11, M-16 and HK-33. Apply force and use your army commando skills to improve the shooting experience in the assault shooting. Be an assassin, inflict lethal strikes and use your army commando shooting experience to encounter immense shooting to survive the battle on the ships.

You are a lone army commando in this suicide killer shooting assault. This is a do or die situation for. Use your special commando shooting skills to combat the armed men & eliminate the resistance with force. Battle against the terrorist and kill them all. Terrorist have targeted four cargo ships. They are in a contract to take down the US military supplies and armory containers, sent to aid the army in the war invaded city. Trigger your fury, gear up with real exotic weapons and use them against the terrorist squad. Be the ultimate combat shooter to take out the unwanted men and end as the survivor.


Army Commando – 3D Shooting - Published by The Game Storm Studios





African Hunts : Deer Zone

Publisher & Production Company: VCR Game
Banned: 30/03/2015

Grab your gun and go to Africa! Hunt as many as you can.
How to play: Count from one to five When scope is red, tap on the animal to shoot


African Hunts : Deer Zone - Published by VCR Game





Gotta Pick One

Publisher & Production Company: J Shelly
Banned: 31/03/2015

Ever wonder, ‘Who is the ugliest celebrity ever?’ We sure do. Help us find out who is the worst of the worst!
Pick your preferred gender and help separate the good from the bad, the hot from the not, the possibly doable from the definitely avoidable!
Choose a category - Pick one of the peeps - Observe the choices get harder … and harder.


Gotta Pick One - Published by J Shelly





JA014: ガールフレンド(仮) 豪華声優による耳で萌える学園恋愛ゲーム

Publisher & Production Company: CyberAgent Inc.
Banned: 1/04/2015
Translation: Sprout in the ear, with his girlfriend (provisional) gorgeous voice school romance games

play.google.com (translation)
While nurturing a cute girl, and enjoy a fun school life. Decide the "favorite girl" and enjoy the training and simulation. While walking through the school and the city, or up the favorability rating meet girls.
You can get the prizes and points by winning the battle, you'll also possible to collect the girls treasured photos
Progress" By developing a relationship with the girl, power up


 ガールフレンド(仮) 豪華声優による耳で萌える学園恋愛ゲーム - Published by CyberAgent Inc.





w14mdf CR test

Publisher & Production Company: pubtest feb6
Banned: 2/04/2015

This is a test app from the publisher. No further information available.





Smoke A Bong FREE

Publisher & Production Company: Weed Time
Banned: 3/04/2015

This is the free version of Smoke A Bong





Smoke A Joint

Publisher & Production Company: Weed Time
Banned: 3/04/2015

This is the full version of Smoke A Joint FREE

Break the weed, fill the smoking paper and smoke it by inhaling on the phone mic! Show your iPhone friends an app they'll never get!
Inhale on the phone mic to smoke! Great at parties!
* New Wood Grinder * Improved Mic sensitivity * Realistic smoke * HD Ganja textures


Smoke A Joint - Published by Weed Time





Smoke A Bong

Publisher & Production Company: Weed Time
Banned: 3/04/2015

This is the full version of Smoke A Bong FREE

The best smoking marijuana app on android. Smoke weed using your phone mic! Show iPhone users an app they can´t get! Perfect for parties!
Simply place the marijuana bud in the bong, light it in and blow through your microphone to see the smoke coming out. This app is perfect for sharing some laughs together with your friends at the bar or the club.
Select between different real weed strains and backgrounds. - Detailed information of the Cannabis Strains - Animated Fire and 2 different Smoke animations. - Auto-adjust mic sensitivity in loud environments. - More strains, smoking bongs, backgrounds, smoking bowl and smoking pipes coming soon.
How does it work? - Pack the bong, light it up, and inhale on the phone mic to smoke! - Blow out on the phone mic to exhale smoke onto the screen: - Short blow: smoke circles. - Long blow : exhale all the smoke. -- Then turn the phone over to dump the cashed bong.


Smoke A Bong - Published by Weed Time





Nose Dose

Publisher & Production Company: Weed Time
Banned: 3/04/2015

Snort Cocaine Simulator, finally for android the snorting coke app that you were looking for. Show iPhone users an app that they can´t get.
This app is perfect for sharing some laughs together with your friends at the bar or the club. Test your ability to make the perfect line and simulate snort a line by detecting your nose touching the screen.
Razor, bill and unlimited coke lines included!! Fx sound for snorting and line making. Eye-catcher Nose candy images. High precision particles system, it feels like real coke!


Nose Dose - Published by Weed Time





Smoke a Joint FREE

Publisher & Production Company: Weed Time
Banned: 3/04/2015

This is the free version of Smoke A Joint





JA017: BLイケメン芸能界◆俺スタ!~俺とアイツがアイドルスター!?

Publisher & Production Company: (C) SUNSOFT
Banned: 16/04/2015
Translation: BL Twink entertainment industry. Me and him are idle Stars!

Same as JA023: BLイケメン芸能界◆俺スタ!~俺とアイツがアイドルスター!?

amazon.co.jp (translation)
...fully-fledged BL love simulation game.
You can proceed to read the scenario in the ticket, which is distributed five every day for free.
...three ending per character (receiving Happy, Happy attack, BLACK) and episode zero.
It is a little naughty BL love scenario.


BLイケメン芸能界◆俺スタ!~俺とアイツがアイドルスター!? - Published by (C) SUNSOFT





JA018: VANAGE ー萌える美少女フルボイスADVー

Publisher & Production Company: VANAGE 抹茶ソフト
Banned: 16/04/2015
M (Sexual References, Nudity): 26/07/2015
Translation: VANAGE Over Moe girl full voice ADV

play.google.com (translation)
VANAGE is your favorite commercial girl game is an app that plays with full voice.
The imposing released "
StarTRain". Porting the original PC version of the site "ErogameScape - erotic criticism space"
When the game in StarTRain progresses, story structure continues to branch to a unique scenario for each character.


VANAGE ー萌える美少女フルボイスADVー - Published by VANAGE 抹茶ソフト






Publisher & Production Company: Cannabigames Michael Ciuman&Simona Ciuman
Banned: 16/04/2015

multiplayer zombie survival join friends chat and bunch more.


ZombieHorrorLand - Published by Cannabigames Michael Ciuman&Simona Ciuman





Joint Match

Publisher & Production Company: Studio Game V
Banned: 16/04/2015

We want to present you incredible bubble matching game - Joint Match. Marijuana or smoking weed are your activity? If yes try this bubbles match game is for you. Our cool marijuana game contains 5 difficulty levels. Each level contains 5 different stages. All this stuff will engage you with Joint Match for a long time.
Your task is to fit 3 or more bubbles with same color in one row. If you do so you will knock them down. 4 weed jewel in row will generate special marijuana gem which destroy surrounding gems. 5 bubbles in row will give you ultra specjal gem. You can destroy all weed jewels with color of your choice.


Joint Match - Published by Studio Game V





Speed Cocaine

Publisher & Production Company: Studio Game V
Banned: 16/04/2015

Now we present to You drag simulator Speed Cocaine! Drugs and rock and roll! Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Try to sniff it all! Dose to nose. Tap to move dollars. When you miss one drug plot you will lose. You need to tap very quickly because game will speed up. You do not want to leave the party? Want you?
Boys and girls waiting for you.
Attention: Drug use is dangerous for your health and nose. We do not urge to use drugs. Game graphic, title and content are used only for humoristic reason.


Speed Cocaine - Published by Studio Game V





Joint Run

Publisher & Production Company: Studio Game V
Banned: 16/04/2015

Joint Run is a really fast and hard to pass arcade game in the universe. If you like Rasta theme this weed run will be great for you. Your hero is stoned Joint and his task is to catch weed leafs moving to left and right side of your screen.
Game rule is really simple, fastest you tap, more points you get. But remember... if you skip one marijuana leaf your game will be over. Furthermore your time for mission is limited. You can enlarge it by tapping on screen. As time progresses the game will speed up. Tap quickly
We do not urge to use drugs. Weed theme was used only for humoristic reason.


Joint Run - Published by Studio Game V





JA015: 恋愛ゲーム 【BL王道学園】俺プリ!~俺が学園のお姫様!?~

Publisher & Production Company: (C) SUNSOFT
Banned: 16/04/2015
Translation: Love game [BL royal academy] I have school princess! ?

Same as JA022: 恋愛ゲーム 【BL王道学園】俺プリ!~俺が学園のお姫様!?~

Same as JA072: 恋愛ゲーム 【BL王道学園】俺プリ!~俺が学園のお姫様!?~

Same as CH005: BL美男學院 耽美!男子校公主!

Same as CH007: BL美男學院 耽美!男子校公主!

Same as CH038: BL美男學院 耽美!男子校公主!

play.google.com (translation)
Earnest BL game, women's love simulation!
...exciting and sweet life of the boys' school.
...appointed a princess in boys' school in the entrance ceremony.


恋愛ゲーム 【BL王道学園】俺プリ!~俺が学園のお姫様!?~ - Published by (C) SUNSOFT



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