IARC Censorship #1 - March 2015





Guess the Gender

Publisher & Production Company: Garik Team
Banned: 18/03/2015

Try to guess the sex of the people on pictures! Our interactive Picture Quiz Gallery hosts a new level each month.
Play Guess The Gender picture quiz to test your knowledge and diagnostic skills.


Guess the Gender - Published by Garik Team





Casino Video Poker Diamond

Publisher & Production Company: nvgamepad
Banned: 18/03/2015

Win coins in free video poker jacks or better call Casino Video Poker Diamond. Unlike Slots Machine, video poker need skill and can spins your mind, make you frust sometimes but accelerate your fun further more when you win.
If you want to kill time, Video Poker Diamond is the one that you must have. It is similar to classic video poker jack or better but also bring a completely new six cards fight, adding a sense of exhilaration and intensity not found before.


Casino Video Poker Diamond - Published by nvgamepad





Chicken2.0 The Adult Sex Game

Publisher & Production Company: Joe Alves
Banned: 18/03/2015

Chicken 2.0 The Adult Sex Game is the repackaging of Chicken The Adult Sex Game V1.8, the best selling paid sex game in GooglePlay with over 15,000 downloads. Chicken 2.0 is hands down the hottest adult game in Google Play and the first of it's kind. Do not settle for cheap knockoffs or games with annoying ads and in app purchases.

Chicken 2.0 is far cheaper than a movie and it will keep you busy for hours. Chicken is designed to take your sexual relationship with your partner to the next level. In this game there are four point levels, each level with more risqué sex challenges. Both partners take turns selecting a point category and get assigned a random challenge. It's all or nothing. If both partners agree to the terms the player who takes his/her turn gets assigned the points. However if either one chickens out the player who does not agree to the act loses all their points. Just to throw a twist in the game each level can also contain challenges from levels below it. This is to try to get users to play for higher points going for either an easy pass or a risqué challenge (you never know what you'll get).

Chicken 2.0 has an ambiguous icon that simply says "Chicken" so no one knows what is on your phone as well as the ability to set a password to keep kids out of the game.

Chicken 2.0 includes the ability to create and manage your own challenges as well as receive updated challenges on the fly without having to update your app. Just go to the update button in settings to receive the new challenges.


Chicken2.0 The Adult Sex Game - Published by Joe Alves





JA001: いつでも!おにいちゃれんじ! おにいCHANCEシミュレータ

Publisher & Production Company: kazumidev
Banned: 18/03/2015
Translation: Anytime! Onii challenge! Onii CHANCE simulator


いつでも!おにいちゃれんじ! おにいCHANCEシミュレータ  - Published by kazumidev





Shroom Tycoon 2

Publisher & Production Company: The Bytes Brothers
Banned: 18/03/2015

The sequel to the wildly popular
Shroom Tycoon is here! Grow mushrooms like a true underground mycologist. From spore to fruit body, you control everything from the medium they sprout from to how they're distributed. New abilities and beautiful interface make this tycoon game a must play!


Shroom Tycoon 2 - Published by The Bytes Brothers





Moe Keeper HD

Publisher & Production Company: G Game
Banned: 18/03/2015

Same as JA029: 萌えキーパーえいちでぃ

match 3 game
remake my older game moe keeper with high density graphics.
If you can move anymore Please touch the block floating rainbow.
Change the location of the 2 blocks. the same block, either horizontally or vertically connect three or more. Blocks disappear, and new blocks appear from the top.


Moe Keeper HD - Published by G Game





CH001: 舞天姬  

Publisher & Production Company: JackyJigu
Banned: 18/03/2015
Translation: Dancing Days Kyi


 舞天姬 - Published by JackyJigu





JA002: キミはキメラR0

Publisher & Production Company: StarGazer
Banned: 18/03/2015
Translation: Kimi chimeric R0


 キミはキメラR0 - Published by StarGazer





Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Publisher & Production Company: Yugel Mobile
Banned: 19/03/2015

Russian Roulette Drinking Game is a drinking game where up to 6 players a random player drink, or drink when died in russian roulette. It's a very simple mechanism to provide a lot of fun. Load a bullet into the chamber, spin the cylinder, and pull the trigger!

How to play:
Learn how to play with the gun at "Tutorial" menu, after that start the game, select max players, tap on next. Place a bullet in the cylinder, spin the
cillinder, and pull the trigger. If player survived, a random player drink, if not, than the died player drink and also a random player drink. After this, next player’s turn. The game is over, when everyone is dead, and in the end everyone drink, and everyone’s drunk.


Russian Roulette Drinking Game - Published by Yugel Mobile





Pika LOL

Publisher & Production Company: kitommy261193
Banned: 19/03/2015

Arcade game.

Pika LOL - Published by kitommy261193





JA005: 空飛ぶ変態サラリーマン - SMバーの女王様

Publisher & Production Company: fuate Co., Ltd.
Banned: 19/03/2015
Translation: Sky Queen of Kinky office worker - SM bar fly

Same as JA059: 空飛ぶ変態サラリーマン - SMバーの女王様

Kick the salaryman, and make him fly through the city.


空飛ぶ変態サラリーマン - SMバーの女王様 - Published by fuate Co., Ltd





JA006: 萌えがめ!あまちのちゃん 美少女パズル

Publisher & Production Company: Picology inc.
Banned: 19/03/2015
Translation: Moe Aquarius! Amachino chan girl puzzle

play.google.com (translation)
...an interesting puzzle a very easy! ...turn off the Chan Amachi of the same hair color, ...to clear the stage! ...work hard  and the puzzle, gallery will be open!


萌えがめ!あまちのちゃん 美少女パズル - Published by Picology inc.





JA004: まちかどBrave

Publisher & Production Company: masamiya-labo
Banned: 19/03/2015
Translation: Street corner Brave

masamiyalabo.sakura.ne.jp (translation)
Sudden invitation dating from the mysterious girl.
How to play is simple. We are only going to tap the sentence and options that are displayed. This game is divided into roughly two parts. Dating part: like an adventure game, ...depending on the choice, favorability rating will go up.
Ranobe Part: ...advances the story by selecting the option

まちかどBrave - Published by masamiya-labo





Duck High

Publisher & Production Company: AmazingByte
Banned: 19/03/2015

This is a game about a duck, which is trying to get the heavenly castle. But on the way it expected various obstacles and strange matter.


Duck High - Published by AmazingByte






Publisher & Production Company: Eukalys
Banned: 19/03/2015

No details found. Please contact us if you have any information about this title.





JA003: ドキドキ!コスプレキューピッド

Publisher & Production Company: Jupiter Corporation
Banned: 19/03/2015
Translation: Exciting! Cosplay Cupid 

One day, appeared a girl claiming to be an android from the future.
...earn points by touching the girl, the challenge to cosplay get game
...continue to rapidly get a lot of cosplay


ドキドキ!コスプレキューピッド - Published by Jupiter Corporation






JA007: ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO

Publisher & Production Company: KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)
Banned: 19/03/2015
Translation: ADV To Gabi in concert melody (trial version)

Same as JA066: ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO

This is the trial version of JA008: ADV トガビトノセンリツ(製品版) - KEMCO

play.google.com (translation)
...a novel type adventure game in which the story progresses by reading the text. Choices appear in each key point.
...to hero Takei Kazuma, looms the alternative of death or life. ...it becomes possible to peek each character's true feelings and back scene at the pivotal points.


ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) -KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)





JA009: ADV 鈍色のバタフライ - KEMCO

Publisher & Production Company: KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)
Banned: 19/03/2015
Translation: ADV Butterfly of dark grey

play.google.com (translation)
I was thought to be a friend. Up until now, always will be. Murder game that bears the name of butterfly
...story of nine boys and girls, despair and, true friendship.


ADV 鈍色のバタフライ - KEMCO - Published by KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)





JA008: ADV トガビトノセンリツ(製品版) - KEMCO

Publisher & Production Company: KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)
Banned: 19/03/2015
Translation: ADV To Gabi in concert melody (full version)

This is the full version of JA007: ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO

Same as JA064: ADV トガビトノセンリツ(製品版) - KEMCO





JA010: D.M.L.C. -デスマッチラブコメ- KEMCO

Publisher & Production Company: KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)
Banned: 19/03/2015
Translation: D. M. L. C. - Deathmatch romantic comedy

This is the full version of JA011: D.M.L.C. -デスマッチラブコメ- 体験版 KEMCO

play.google.com (translation)
High school freshman goat Jing (goat Kei), receives a confession. But immediately after, experience hallucinations that he will die.
...pink mysterious organisms appear warning that "the next really die!"


D.M.L.C. -デスマッチラブコメ- KEMCO - Published by KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)



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