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Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract

Directed by Tony Comstock / 2005 / USA / IMDb

A DVD of XANA AND DAX: WHEN OPPOSITES ATTRACT was awarded an X18+ (Explicit sex) rating in July 2005.


In 2008, Melbourne's Sexy International Film Festival attempted to screen a Tony Comstock double-bill of ASHLEY AND KISHA: FINDING THE RIGHT FIT and XANA AND DAX: WHEN OPPOSITES ATTRACT.

Both were refused a film festival exemption. In their Annual report, the Australian censors explained why.


Other Decisions
Exemptions to show unclassified films
Annual Report 2008-2009

The Director also refused to exempt two films as part of the Sexy International Film Festival. One of the films was refused exemption as it was likely to be classified X 18+ and the other film was refused exemption as it was previously classified X 18+ by the Classification Board.


XANA AND DAX had been passed with an X18+ (Explicit sex) rating in July 2005, and ASHLEY AND KISHA was the film that they felt would be likely classified X18+.


DAMON AND HUNTER: DOING IT TOGETHER was a third Tony Comstock title that had problems with the Australian censors. It was prevented from screening at the 2006 Sydney Queerdoc film festival.





X-rated Loves

Produced by California Classics / 197? / USA / IMDb link required

In April 1981, a 612.80-meter (55:50) 16mm print of X-RATED LOVES was banned because of sex. It was said to be:
Frequency: Frequent
Explicitness/Intensity: High
Purpose: Gratuitous

A 493.65-meter (44:59) 'reconstructed version' was passed with an R-rating in August 1981. It was awarded for sex, which was said to be:
Frequency: Frequent
Explicitness/Intensity: Medium
Purpose: Gratuitous

In both cases, 14th Mandolin was the applicant.





XX: Beautiful Hunter

Directed by Masaru Konuma / 1994 / Japan / IMDb

In May 1996, a 90m videotape of XX: BEAUTIFUL HUNTER was banned by the OFLC.

Maginet Australia was the applicant.


Review by Simon
Asia Pulp Cinema DVD [us] 90:48

Sexual violence would have been the reason for XX: BEAUTIFUL HUNTER being Refused Classification. It begins at 63m with the captured Shion being suspended by her arms. Mitsuko proceeds to whip her and spray her with a hose, before revealing an electric cattle prod.

From 68:15 to 68:30 she tortures Shino by holding the prod against her naked breast, and from 70:30 to 72:30 she inserts it between her legs. Ito then comes to the rescue.

The whole torture scene runs nearly ten minutes, but I would speculate that only the breast and vagina electrocution caused the OFLC to ban it.


XX: Beautiful Hunter (1994) - Banned Scene 01XX: Beautiful Hunter (1994) - Banned Scene 02



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