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Intimate Stranger

Directed by Allan Holzman / 1991 / USA / IMDb

A 92m tape of INTIMATE STRANGER was banned in 1993.

On July 27, 1993 an 85m censored version was passed with an MA15+ (Medium level coarse language, Sexual references) rating. However, the only release that appeared was an R18+ (Medium level sex scenes and Low-level violence) rated tape that ran exactly 92:00.

It is unclear how this tape came to be released, as it appears to be uncut.

In all cases, Home Cinema Group was the applicant.

Some tapes include a cover sticker that states:

Previously BANNED! TOO HOT for Aussie Censors

Note that details of the R18+ and RC classifications are no longer listed in the censor's database.



TV screening and DVD release

The Optus Movie Extra channel screened INTIMATE STRANGER until early 2004. We have no further details of the version or running time.


Rainbow Entertainment / Hollywood DVD released the film to DVD in August 2005. The cover has the film rated as M (Medium Level Coarse Language, Sexual References). This would appear to be a fake classification.

Review by Miles
Being the huge Debbie Harry fan that I am I had to track down the DVD release to go next to my VHS copy. The DVD runs 91:53 compared to 92:00 for the VHS. This is because the DVD is missing the South Gate Entertainment card at the start, and a few seconds of the opening credits. To think, I was expecting unseen naked footage of Debbie!


Intimate Stranger (1991) - Home Cinema Group [au] VHSIntimate Stranger (1991) - Home Cinema Group [au] Warning stickerIntimate Stranger (1991) - Rainbow Entertainment-Hollywood DVD [au] DVD






Directed by Scott Spiegel / 1988 / USA / IMDb

INTRUDER was first Refused Classification in April 1989 in a print running 84m. The reason given for the ban was violence, which were described as:
Frequency: Frequent
Explicitness/Intensity: High
Purpose: Gratuitous

CIC-TAFT Video censored the tape down to 83m and was awarded an R18+ (Frequent Violence) rating in October 1989. The version that was eventually released was heavily cut and ran only 79:57.



1991: Uncut version seized by Customs

INTRUDER was part of a package of fifteen tapes that were seized by the Australian Customs Service in October 1991. They were forwarded to the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) who found them to be:

"…prohibited pursuant to Regulation 4A(1A)(a)(iii) of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations"

See the Film Censorship Database entry for VIOLENT SHIT (1989) for more details about this case.



2009: Uncut DVD release

INTRUDER finally received an uncut Australian release in October 2009 on the Big Sky Video label. Thanks to Craig S for confirming that it ran 83:53 and was the same as the U.S. Wizard Entertainment DVD.


In 2011, Big Sky Video included it in their six-disc FULL STRENGTH HORROR BOX VOL. 2. The other films in the DVD box set were DARK ANGEL (1994, PARASITE (1982), SUBSPECIES (1991), DEMONIC TOYS (1992) and 100 YEARS OF HORROR (1996).  



INTRUDER: The censored scenes

Review by Matt
Excuse the pun, but the CIC TAFT tape is butchered, and is missing over four minutes of gore. Here is a comparison between it and the Big Sky Video DVD.

Times refer to the approximate point in the DVD, which contains footage missing form the VHS. There may be other shots that I have missed. has screen grabs from the even more censored German tape, though many of the cuts match the Australian tape.

Censored CIC-TAFT VHS – 79:40 (minus Paramount logo)
Uncut Big Sky Video DVD – 83:50

Note that the times match perfectly until the first murder.


Cuts are as follows

38:00 – Shot of spike going into eye of storeowner.

42:00 – Shot of Joe slowly falling to the floor after he has been stabbed in the head.

45:00 – Stabbing of the checkout girl has been shortened, especially the blood spray.

47:00 – Bob getting his head crushed in the press has been censored. All shots of the head crush are missing.

48:30 – Randy hanging up with a hook through his face.

52:40 – After Dave falls down the ladder there is a missing shot of storeowner with bleeding eyes.

53:30 – Dave’s death on the bandsaw where his face is cut in two has been removed. This is the biggest cut in the Australian tape. In the censored version, he is put on the bandsaw and the scene ends.

56:10 – Jennifer discovers Randy’s hanging body. The shot of Randy with a hook through his face (same as 48:30) has been removed.

57:25 – Another shot of Randy’s body has been removed as Jennifer pulls the door closed, and fights the killer with a hook. The part where she pulls his body against the door, to stop the killer getting in, has been toned down.

58:30 – The head falling off the body as it comes down the conveyor belt with Jennifer screaming.

58:55 – Totally missing is a long scene where Jennifer finds Dave’s bandsaw cut head in the fridge. The Australian tape goes from her running down the corridor, and cuts directly to the cops arriving at the door.

68:50 – The scene where the bread delivery guy is stabbed in the back has been toned down.

70:10 – The killer holding up the severed head and kissing it, and grabbing the knife in his hand.

71:25 – The killer hitting Craig with the severed head.

74:10 – The scene where Craig chops the killer with a machete has almost all been removed.


Intruder (1988) - CIC-TAFT Video [au] VHSIntruder (1988) - Big Sky Video [au] DVDIntruder (1988) - Big Sky Video [au] DVD 2





The Invasion

Directed by Chia Wen Sun/ 1972 / Hong Kong / IMDb

In July 1973, a 2468.88-meter (89:59) print of THE INVASION was banned because of 'excessive violence'. A censored 2316-meter (84:25) print passed with an M-rating in October 1973.

At the time, distributors of martial arts films favoured the M-rating. Fewer cuts would have presumably been necessary had the aim been an R-rating.

 In both cases, Joe Siu international Film Co was the applicant.





Isabella, the Gypsy Duchess

Directed by Bruno Corbucci / 1969 / Italy - West Germany / IMDb

In October 1972, a 2667.00-meter (97:13) print of ISABELLA, THE GYPSY DUCHESS was banned because of 'indecency'.

Columbia Pictures made a successful appeal to the Film Board of Review in November 1972. The ban was overturned, and an R-rating awarded.

Warner Brothers had the same 2667.00-meter (97:13) print passed with an R-rating in December 1972.


Review by Simon
ISABELLA, THE GYPSY DUCHESS is the perfect example of a film that would have stood no chance of getting an Australian release prior to the R-rating. Distributors may have known this, as it is odd that it remained on the shelf until 1972.

Although it contains no full frontal nudity, it does include copious numbers of topless women, and surprisingly explicit (for 1969) sex.

The Censorship Board may have taken issue with some of the following scenes.

Topless women being strangled as the castle is raided (05:30).

Isabella is shown having sex with a man (25:00), being seduced in the bath by a lesbian (28:00), and caught by a gang of men, one of who rips open her top and kisses her breast (36:00).

A long sequence shows a naked white woman dancing around a black man as she attempts to arouse him (36:00).

The Baron is shown having sex with a woman (49:30), and with Isabella (59:00).

Finally, a topless Isabella is shown bound and being whipped by the Baron’s men (64:00).

Overall, this is a thoroughly entertaining romp. It is all relatively tame stuff now, but in 1969, this was really pushing the boundaries.

The Italian DVD runs 89:30 (PAL), and goes under the original title, ISABELLA DUCHESSA DEI DIAVOLI!

Image courtesy of


Isabella, the Gypsy Duchess (1969) - Columbia Pictures [au] Daybill





Island of Perversion

aka Devils in Mykonos

Directed by Nico Mastorakis / 1975 / Greece / IMDb

In May 1978, a 2915.20-meter (106:15) print was banned because of 'indecency and excessive violence'. A 2779.00-meter (101:18) 'reconstructed version' was refused for the same reasons in May 1978.

In both cases, the distributor, E.Pertsinidis, submitted it under the title DEVILS IN MYKONOS.


In February 1984, an uncut 103m (102:35) tape was passed with an R-rating under the title ISLAND OF PERVERSION. The film was first released under this title by Showcase Video.

It was put out by Video Classics in 1985, and became one of their final releases. Strangely, the tape that we viewed had a Showcase Video label on the tape, inside a box with the Video Classics cover.

Collectors of Australian video tapes have been known to pay large amounts for this title.


Island of Perversion (1975) - Showcase Video [au] VHSIsland of Perversion (1975) - Video Classics [au] VHS





The Italian Stallion

Directed by Morton Lewis / 1970 / USA / IMDb

In April 1979, an 1801.60-meter (65:40) 'pre-censor cut version' of THE ITALIAN STALLION was passed with an R-rating. It was awarded for sex, which was said to be:
Frequency: Frequent
Explicitness/Intensity: Medium
Purpose: Gratuitous

Lestrig Trading was the applicant.


In October and November 1985, a 180-minute double-bill tape of THE ITALIAN STALLION and Bob Chinn’s FANTASY WORLD (1979) was twice passed with an R-rating.

The video was submitted by Communication and Entertainment, who released it on their Playaround Video label.





It's Francy's Friday

Directed by Curt Ledger / 1972 / USA / IMDb

In April 1975, a 2590.00-meter (94:24) print of IT’S FRANCY’S FRIDAY was passed with an R-rating.

It was described as being a 'short version', which may indicate that Blake Films were worried about it being banned.

Image courtesy of


It's Francy's Friday (1972) - Blake Films [au] Daybill



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