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Directed by Lindsay Anderson / 1968 / UK / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating

Information provided by Shane Harrison.
Two scenes were cut before IF.... was released in 1969 with an SOA rating.

39:51 - View of a schoolboy licking a nude photo of Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri) from her 1968 Playmate Of The Year pictorial in Playboy.

59:41 to 59:51 – 00:10 cut: Christine Noonan and Malcolm McDowell wrestling nude on a cafe floor where Noonan's pubic hair is briefly shown.

 When the film was submitted to the British and American censors, they expressed problems with an 8-second scene at 87:52. It showed a long shot of Mary MacLeod wondering fully nude down a hallway towards the camera. It was eventually agreed that this sequence could remain as long as some brief frontal nudity was removed from a male group shower scene, which took place at 42:05. This modification was achieved through frame enlargements and some cutting of a few frames. This was the version that was distributed worldwide. MacLeod's controversial nude walk remained uncut in Australia.

It was reclassified with an M (Adult themes, Low level violence) rating in June 1995.





The Incident

Directed by Larry Peerce / 1967 / USA / IMDb

In a 1969 article from Masque magazine, THE INCIDENT was listed as being banned by the Australian Censorship Board.

snip, snip, snip, snip
Peter Boyce
Masque, June-July 1969
The use of restrictive certificates [in New Zealand] has meant that films which would not be passed for general exhibition may still be passed for an adult audience. Thus THE INCIDENT, banned in Australia, was passed with a restrictive certificate in New Zealand, with only one cut.

An outstanding American film by Larry Peerce, it shows the behaviour of a group of people trapped on a subway car by two young hoodlums. The film is a brilliant expose of the roots of violence in American society, and it is tragic that the Australian public have been deprived of the chance to see the film for themselves. I am surprised that more publicity has not been given to the banning of THE INCIDENT, which is a most important social statement.


In August 1970, THE INCIDENT was resubmitted to the Censorship Board. The 8655-feet (96:10) print was passed with a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison
My understanding is that one cut made to THE INCIDENT for it to be rated in August 1970. This was because a banned film could not be resubmitted in the same version for 5 years after in was last seen by the Censorship Board. It could be submitted for an appeal on the ban in the same version, but due to expense most studios bypassed this and resubmitted a cut version as happened with THE INCIDENT.





I Love You, Alice B Toklas!

Directed by Hy Averback / 1968 / USA / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.
This midlife crisis/generation-gap comedy introduced the impossibly beautiful Leigh Taylor-Young to the cinema screen after her debut in TV's PEYTON PLACE. I finally saw the film in late 1971 as a support to BILLY JACK (1971) at the drive-in.

Two sequences were cut out.

41:43 - 00:24 cut: Leigh Taylor-Young rolls a joint and smokes it in the lounge-room while Peter Sellers prepares for bed. The scene ends with intercutting between the "younger generation", Taylor-Young smoking dope, and the "older generation", Sellers using an asthma inhaler. In Australia, it was not confirmed whether it was dope she was smoking, as the footage of her preparing the joint had been removed.

59:48 – 00:30 cut: Leigh Taylor-Young and Peter Sellers' characters make love for the first time. The sequence is very tame with the camera focusing on their faces and bare backs.

Separate to these two cuts, are two scenes where hash muffins, made from Alice B Toklas's recipe book, are served to a group of unaware "oldies". These occur at 51:03 and at 86:24. The two "daring" comedy scenes show how much the effects of the brownies are "appreciated" by the unsuspecting recipients. While dated, the scenes are quite funny. As a rule, the censor would delete any content that promoted drug abuse, I am thinking it is possible that these scenes may have been shortened, but cannot confirm this. In some form, both major set pieces were in the version I saw back then.

It was reclassified with an M (Drug use) rating in February 1992.



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