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Fanny Hill

Directed by Russ Meyer / 1964 / USA / IMDb

Information provided by Shane Harrison from viewing of "Chipp's reel".
See database entry for THE BABYSITTER (1969) for background.
Censored footage 01:30

I did not record the nature of the footage which suggests it was dialogue scenes.







The Fountain of Love

Directed by Ernst Hofbauer / 1966 / Austria / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.

This very innocent German sex comedy from 1966 was released in Australia in late 1968 and played at various theatres and drive-ins over the following year. Numerous views of nudity were censored, which was ironic given these were exactly what the film marketed itself on. However, enough was left in though to account for its popularity.

17:53 – 00:13 cut: View of a woman removing her bra and panties.

18:16 - 00:03 cut: Further view as boyfriend greets her.

33:28 – 00:22 cut: Discrete side view of a topless woman walking to her bed hoping to entice her husband.

37:48 – 00:06 cut: Close up of woman skinny-dipping, her breasts bouncing out of the water.

38:17 – 00:05 cut: Another close up.

40:26 – 00:02 cut: Quick cut taken from a long shot side view of naked woman walking to a pond. The walk was left in but a flash of pubic hair was removed.

41:02 – 00:09 cut: Nude woman walking behind foliage, flashing a few subliminal frontals.

The following series of cuts were made to tone down a nude swimming scene involving the local woman of the village. The cuts were to topless close-ups of the skinny dippers. A few long shots remained providing continuity and box office gold:
70:20 – 00:12 cut
70:43 – 00:05 cut
71:05 – 00:04 cut
71:13 – 00:03 cut
71:23 – 00:04 cut
71:29 – 00:07 cut

Australia screened the film as THE FOUNTAIN OF LOVE, the title that Harry Novak released it under in the USA. The credit sequence featured a naked woman bathing under a waterfall. I don't know if this was a Novak initiative. In Australia's censored print this sequence was left uncut and showed more than what was seen during the rest of the film. For this posting, I viewed a German DVD of the original German release and the credit scene features different footage, a close-up view of a running brook without a nude in sight. A quick take from the bathing sequence appears later in the film so the full sequence was actually shot. I do not know why the footage was absent in the German release.

Australia started to dip its "cinema exhibition toes" into blatant sexploitation around 1965 with the import of sexy Italian Mondo films. However, any nudity was usually cut. These documentaries were soon followed by imports of sexploitation comedies and dramas.

The demand for niche films grew as the nightly news on TV left newsreel theatres without a market. These theatrettes were not built for screening major releases so cheap exploitation, which the majors would not play, became the order of the day and sexploitation quickly became a profitable focus. However, because of Australian censorship, it was always a case of selling the smell rather than the steak itself.





The Fox

Directed by Mark Rydell / 1967 / Canada / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison
Two scenes received the attention of our censors back then. One was a masturbation scene early in the film where Anne Heywood pleasures herself in a mirrored bathroom and the second was a sex scene between Keir Dulleau and Anne Heywood near the end. The famous lesbian kiss between Heywood and Sandy Dennis was left uncut.

11:15 to 11:21 – 00:06 cut: Full-length view of a naked Anne Heywood rubbing lotion on her raised leg.

11:44 to 12:53 – 01:09 cut: After wiping lotion over her body Anne Heywood reaches over, switches the light off and finishes masturbating before climaxing. The scene was completely cut after the light is switched off. Even though a lot of footage was removed, what was left made it obvious what was going on, which made it a daring scene for 1968.

88:53 - While Sandy Dennis runs through the snow hysterical, Anne Heywood has sex with Keir Dulleau in a barn. The sex scene is tasteful with the camera focusing on head and shoulders only. It intercuts between Sandy Dennis in the woods and the two having sex. The intercutting gets faster as the sex act builds, finally hitting its crescendo as Anne Heywood orgasms. A number of the views of the sex scene were removed destroying the sexual build up process inherent in the editing style.

It was released in Australia in late 1968 and was the first of three lesbian themed films at the time, which pushed the boundaries worldwide. The other two were THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE (1968) and THERESE AND ISABELLE (1968), both of which had problems with the Australian censor.

THE FOX screened on Australian TV uncut numerous times in the 1970s. Unlike at the cinema it played unmatted which provided more nude exposure during the bathroom sequence. Back then, TV audiences benefited with unmatted screenings of THE COLLECTOR (1965), THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE (1969), AGE OF CONSENT (1969), A KIND OF LOVING (1962), ALVIN PURPLE RIDES AGAIN (1974), and hilariously exposed Jean Simons's masking tape during her bedroom scene in LIFE AT THE TOP (1965).





Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

 Directed by Freddie Francis / 1969 / UK / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating. The daybill also listed 'Not Suitable for Television'.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.

I first saw FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED in September 1970 in a print that had been wrecked by our censors. Any scene of horror, implied or shown, was cut. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to view the same cinema print when it screened at The Astor in Melbourne. I was able to note the cuts after having viewed an uncut DVD before and after the Astor screening.

The massive change in Australian censorship is best demonstrated by comparing the savage cutting of this standard Hammer horror in mid-1970, to THE DEVILS (1971), which was passed uncut in January 1972 with the recently introduced "R" certificate.

Time refer to Warner's uncut Blu-ray, Horror Classics Volume 1, NTSC running time 100:39.

05:04 – 00:04 cut: During a fight between Baron Frankenstein and a robber, a bloody severed head spills out of a case and onto the robber, who has just landed on the floor. Separate to this 4-second view, other footage was also removed of the severed head visible on the floor in the background during the fight.

23:14 – Heavily cut was a discreet bloodless stabbing of an intruder in his back, followed by his death gasp.

37:00 - Cuts to a scene where Dr Brandt is being kidnapped from an asylum. The few punches that were thrown when he resists were toned down.

45:36 - 02:00 cut: Dr Frankenstein rapes Anna. This scene was added in as an afterthought by the heads of Hammer in an attempt to "sex up" the film. It was removed for British release, but remained in the American version. At the time, the Australian censor was quoted in a newspaper article and said that they cut the rape scene because it was considered gratuitous. This suggests the American version was submitted for Australian release.

49:54 – 00:41 cut: Dr Frankenstein cuts Dr Brandt's skull open (off screen). The censorship starts as soon as the sound of the scalpel slicing against bone is heard.

50:49 – 00:23 cut: Sawing Professor Richter's skull open and removing his brain. Gore was mostly kept off-screen, though the sound of sawing bone was explicit.

51:23 - 00:33 cut: Removing the top of Prof Richter's skull. This is not as explicit as it sounds as a towel covers the gore.

58:00 - 00:23 cut: Drilling into the top of Richter's skull.

58:59 - 00:11 cut: Sliding metal rod into the top of Richter's skull and then withdrawing it.

61:01 – 00:12 cut: A broken water pipe in the garden disturbs the body of the recently buried Dr Brandt. The cadaver's arm is shown bouncing around in the gushing water.

61:21 - 00:02 cut: View of the face of Dr Brandt as the dirt washes away.

61::26 - 00:20 cut: Anna dragging the body out of the garden bed and up behind the building.

74:21 – 00:05 cut: View of Dr Brandt's muddy face when his body is discovered under the shed's floorboards.

79:14 - Professor Richter wakes up and staggers around the laboratory holding his head in pain. He picks up a metal dish and is horrified by his reflection. This sequence was toned down throughout with numerous edits. I can identify one of them at 79:42 where 8-seconds were cut to remove the view of his reflection in the dish. This was not the only footage that was trimmed from this sequence.

80:57 - Anna stabs Professor Richter in the stomach with a scalpel. The scene was heavily edited, which was a surprise as it is completely bloodless.

82:44 - 00:07 cut: Frankenstein stabs Anna with the scalpel. The shot was completely bloodless as the stabbing is hidden by the positioning of the two. The only gore was the end view of Anna with a scalpel sticking out of her, with a bit of blood at the base.

83:09 – The scene when Karl finds Anna us cut around so that all views of her body with the scalpel sticking out are missing.

97:45 – 00:05 cut: Close up of Frankenstein shoving a fiery torch into Professor Richter's face

98:13 – 00:02 cut: Frankenstein kicking Karl in the face. I cannot be certain but I felt the climatic fight was shortened as well.


Resubmitted and passed with an M ( Occasional Violence) rating in July 1990.

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