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Easy Rider

Directed by Dennis Hopper/ 1969 / USA / IMDb

Original theatrical release was censored for a 'Suitable only for Adults' rating.

Information provided by Shane Harrison.
EASY RIDER captured the zeitgeist of the moment when released in America in 1969. Australia had to wait nearly a year until Easter 1970 before Captain America rode our screens. Our censors had many problems with the drug scenes. Their detail was unprecedented in a release from a major studio at that time.

01:21 - 00:29 cut: Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper snort cocaine, testing its quality before buying it.

03:35 - 00:18 cut: Phil Spector tests the coke before buying it from Fonder and Hopper.

23:10 - Fonda and Hopper and a hitchhiker smoke dope around a campfire. Cuts were made to parts of the conversation where they are stoned and enjoying it.

53:00 - 02:10 cut: Fonda encourages Jack Nicholson to smoke dope. He talks him through breathing it in and holding it in his lungs

59:40 - 00:47 cut: Removed scene where Little Feat sings "Don't Bogart That Joint" on the soundtrack.

79:46 – 00:48 cut: View of Fonda and Hopper dropping acid with two prostitutes in a cemetery in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras.

80:34 - A four-minute sequence depicting the acid trip was halved. It is hard to know why, as what was left in really was not any less intense than what was taken out. As the trip is so disjointed, it is hard to detail what was missing and what remained. The trip suddenly ended after their clothes came off and the four started to emotionally break down.


It was reclassified with an M-rating in April 1985, and following the introduction of the new classification, increased to MA15+ (Drug Use) in February 2000.

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